My 3 day cleanse - Day 3

So by now as you can tell I am over all this but sticking it through. Today, I didn't bother drinking any of the bottles I didn't like. I only had 3 and two happened to be the new ones for today which thankfully I liked.

Bottle 2 - Spicy Pomenade - pomegranate, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. yum

Bottle 4 - Chia Berry - which was my favorite of the whole thing

Bottle 5 - ChocoNana - chocolate, banana and strawberries - yum

By the third day, I don't think you feel hungry. You kinda just get used to the feeling like feeling numb. I didn't feel tired either. So emm, yea that's it. 3 days over. I can't decide if I failed or not but it's over. All said and done, I'd recommend the Jus by Julie though. I think my palate is just weird. Have a lovely weekend!


HoneyDame said…
hahahaha..Congratulations, you pulled through
Berry Dakara said…
Did you feel depressed? I felt depressed at some point :p
neuyogi said…
wwow didnt know you were doing this cleanse thing. All those drinks sound like things i would love :) Congrats on completing it

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