My 3 Day Cleanse - Day 2

sigh. I honestly don't know why I am doing this again but since I have started I have to finish. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous. I didn't finish bottle 5 and didn't bother with bottle 6 and went to bed. So, I had the same bottles as yesterday with 2 changes.

  • Bottle 3 - Acai Blend - acai berries, strawberries and banana. I know all these things sound like they should taste great but for me it was a meh. I think the problem is my palate is used to that sweet and processed stuff so these things are bland to me...or maybe I just don't like it. The consistency of this was also weird but I finished it cuz I was starving.
  • Bottle 5 - Not so Chunky - peanut butter and banana - it tastes just like that and of course I hate it. To me it tastes like iced salt. I am staring at it now and I doubt I will finish it.
My day today, I can't even tell if it was better or worse. I was more hungry today and that's cuz I just couldn't with the ewedu bottle today. I had 2 gulps and I just couldn't. So I waited it out and was grateful for lemonade time. My stomach was growling and I was so hungry I appreciated the Sweet Spin more today. Also today I was much sleepier than I was yesterday. I wasn't tired. Just hungry and sleepy. I was so angry when I got home, I cheated and had a handful of grapes. As I am so, I am allowed to have egg whites but I don't know why I haven't had some or maybe I do. I feel like if I eat something I'll just say screw it and ditch the cleanse. Anyhue, tomorrow is the last day and Lord knows I can't wait. I don't understand how people do this for a week or 2 or 3 makes no damn sense. I want food! I love food! I miss food!

Oh yea, so far I haven't found the benefits. Well unless it's something internal that I can't tell. I'm having blood work done tomorrow, I hope it doesn't affect it. See you tomorrow. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Happy Friday eve!


Myne said…
Well done. I really can't do without food so all the cleanse diets won't work for me. I prefer healthy eating and exercise.
Berry Dakara said…
Hehe, awwwww. Just keep at it. One more day, innit?

Try doing a 5-day detox! I did before the wedding, and quit around Day 3; I was just sick of it. I've done 3 days before too - it was my first time so it was hard, but I stuck through it.

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