Friday Randoms

Hey what do you know? 2 weeks in a row. January is finally over. It really dragged yo. Not that I am in any hurry for the months to start flying by sha. How about this Polar Vortex movie that;s now playing in a city near you. Crazy stuff. My friend was stuck in a gridlock in Atlanta for 21hrs with her baby. My mind was so blown by what was happening over there. Glad they got it sorted sha. The super bowl is on Sunday and I just wanna see my baby, Bruno Mars perform - oh and we won a grammy! wooohoo. It wasn't his first but the first that was televised- I digress. After that its valentines day. I only bring this up because every store, every promo email I get, its all they can talk about. It falls on a Friday this time which makes it seem even sadder for the unboo-eds like us hehe. Anyhueee let's take a ride on the random train!

Flaky people man...huuuuuuuuge pet peeve.

Champagne is really lucky it has status as a drink because it really doesn't taste all that.

So I was telling a coworker how I was trying to avoid all these weird hormones that might be in our foods and trying to eat organic eggs and milk. He was like I might as well save my money. He is of the belief that nothing is really good to eat unless you are growing your own food and hatching your own eggs. He is like because its a business they have to keep their stuff on the shelf and if it is packaged and doesn't go bad in 2 days then it just can't be that good for you. Sigh.

I find it amusing when unsingle/married people (read:females) state their disdain/dislike for Valentine's day. I find it annoying when unsingle/married men complain about it because they don't get all vexed for the other similar type holidays.

You know what's annoying when people up North rag on us down South for freaking out over little snow/ice. We get it, yall have snow rights but we arent used to it and we aren't equipped for it. Just leave us be.

I know I have said it before but I really do like success stories where people got rejected so many times but they never gave up and eventually made it. I also like the stories (maybe I shouldn't use the word like) that serve as a reminder that you never know what may happen tomorrow. Kim K was Brandy's assistant, now who's the more famous and richer one? Colby O' Donis was brought in to feature on Lady Gaga's first single "Just Dance" to help give her more visibility. Who is more famous now? Plus I am pretty sure people are like Colby who? Watched a youtube video about Bruno Mars' rise to fame and how he was dropped by how many labels since he was 18. May be silly but it somehow just gives me some hope. It's not how you start, it's how you finish, eh?

You know what hurts when in comes to human relations? If you don't try with a person and shit goes bad, at least you can be like sucks but I didn't try but when you try really hard with a person and the person just still doesn't acknowledge or notice you are trying. Its frustrating.

Most of you might have read the yoga story about a skinny white woman who felt some type of racism by a "heavy set" black woman. Infact the story is too stupid, I had no comment. You can google yoga+xo jane+racism, story will probably come up. You know how there's a thing like pretty girl entitlement - where pretty girls feels they are entitled to get stuff just cuz they are pretty, I do feel there's skinny girl entitlement. Maybe smaller girl entitlement is a better phrase. LAHHNY reminded me of this also when Tahiry and Rasheeda got into a fight. Tahiry is not skinny but is smaller than Rasheeda and naturally the first attack was Rasheeda was jealous of her body. Same happens on RHOA where digs are always made on Kandi and Phaedra's weight by Kenya.

I wonder about celebrity immigration. Do they get H1 too? Do studios and record labels file for them? Are they just offered citizenship?

I heard this on Real World and I shuddered at the kind of men that are out there: "Jenny is a prize to me. I don't want to fight for her. But I do want to win"

I leave you with some quotes:

"Every shoe has its size. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn't fit, the shoe is good. The foot is good too. Just not for each other"

"Love is not maximum emotion. Love is maximum commitment" - Sinclair

Ok I thought I had more quotes but I can't find them. So have a lovely weekend. Be safe!


LadyNgo said…
Flaky people make my eye twitch lol. I hate wasting time unless i'm wasting my own doing something for my own benefit. People who are inconsiderate of others' time are just the worst!

I think i'd rather have Brandy's fame than Kim K's lol. And i don't think you can really compare the 2. Brandy has been a big name since she was 16, of course her star isn't going to be shining as bright 20 years later.

I had some champagne a few days ago. I swear i thought it was ginger ale lol. Awful. But there are some really awesome champagnes out there.

Have a good weekend :)
Original Mgbeke said…
Awww I miss my Colby. Sniff sniff. And I totally didn't know that about Kim and Brandy. See life.

Nah we not gonna leave you Southerners *snicker*

Life is crazy sha, some people eat all the junk, smoke like chimneys, drink like fishes and still live long and relatively healthy lives. I don't really buy into the organic thing sha. I figure I'll just buy the regular version and try to cook it in a healthy way.

Yep, there's definitely skinny girl entitlement.
MPB said…
LMAO at celebrity immigration!!!!

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