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Howdy folks, another Friday is upon us. Who doesn't love Fridays? For the most part, I am in a good mood on Fridays. Guys, can we talk about this cold? yeah yeah its -xyz degrees wherever you are but I am a texan 20/30 degrees is just as bad. It's just so uncomfortable, I really hate the cold it just symbolizes misery. Was just thinking that next week is the last week in January and just like that we are done with January. Someone tweeted "Is it just me or is January going slow?" lol we humans. By the end of the year, we'll be saying how the year is just running past us. By the way, I do agree that January went slow. How about this Bieber kid, huh? I mean his meltdown was inevitable but I didn't think that it'd be this soon. Such a damn shame, I am a fan of his music and like all the celebs with issues, I hope he finds the help he needs before anything drastic. okey dokes, lets go through some randoms.

I think 90% of the people I know decided to get engaged over the holidays. After the peace and quiet on weddings that I had over the last few years, seems the surge is back. Anyways, having a talk with one of my friends who is getting married and she says that when you do decide to settle down and get married it's never 100% what you want and it involves some kind of sacrifice. I don't remember everything else but I remember her saying most of the time if you are looking for that intellectual guy for some reason most of them seem to be douches. That made me chuckle.

They never use plastic bags in movies/tv. Almost always, paper bags. Besides Whole Foods, I don't see a lot of that in real life.

I don't watch Naija movies often but the few times I do, how come they always have light? I've never even seen a scene where they take light and they turn on the gen.

Are people born squirters or is it learned?

Ah the life of being single. I randomly wondered if it was rude to invite someone to a wedding and instruct them to not have a +1. Does that happen to married people? As in, do they not get invited even though only one person is the friend but because they are married it automatically means 2 people.
I can't count the number of wedding invitations I have received where the # of guests portion has been filled out for me already with a big fat 1. I don't take it to heart because I have a thing about weddings. It's the couples money and they have a right to do whatever works best for them because weddings sure as hell ain't cheap.

All I want for 2014 is to not feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

A friend recommended a book for me, Conversations with God. So far, so good. It has some far out theories but the basic gist of the book speaks to me and is helping me with the new outlook on life I am trying to have.

When you have a kid that's one race, is it weird when you have another kid that's mixed race? I mean I know Heidi did it I just wonder if its weird. I think about if Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson have a kid then I think of Halle Berry who has 2 baby daddies but they are both mixed race so they won't have questions.

Why are naija parents so gung ho about marriage when most of them had shitty ones?

Losing a boyfriend must be so weird. Someone you loved so much and yet don't have rights to. Even worse this quote: "Losing someone close to you at a moment of tension in the relationship"

Nna, this Lupita Nyong'o worship is something fierce. I mean the babe is cool and all but this one na frenzy. I have my theories but moving right along.

"Vulnerability is about sharing our feelings and our experiences with people who have earned the right to hear them"

I read somewhere where someone took issue with Oprah saying she couldn't have it all - kids and career. But I do agree with her though. I don't think anyone - man or woman - can have it all. Something will always suffer or you feel guilt about not giving more to something. 

You hear ladies saying there are no good guys. Granted this may be true with the way our generation is free balling it now but I do feel we ladies need to be able to discern what we want from what we need. We get so caught up in what we want and the idea of how we want our man to be that we don't realize this may not be whats good for us.

You know there are some women who always seem to have a guy and seamlessly move on from one relationship to another. I can understand that. I don't think its hard if all you're looking for is a boyfriend. What surprises me is, is it that easy to make a connection with someone? Because to me, thats the hardest part of this boy/girl business. Not meeting people but meeting people you click with.

Well thats all I got for you folk. Don't forget to visit Stay warm in this weather, have a lovely weekend and be safe.

You guys don't know the nuggets I drop for you when I drop a video. If you're ever bored and looking for new music, you should probably just go through all the music I have dropped in Friday Randoms and build yourself a nice lil playlist hehe



neuyogi said…
Lol at wedding invites plus 1. I am a Lupita fan, I did not know it had reached a frenzy sha...but maybe it has since this is the second post I am seeing this week from people saying they don't get the hype. ah "vulnerability" RMJ nailed that in her post. Amen, to your wish for 2014 Will convos with God help a stressed out person like me?
LohiO said…
I remember this song from when they used it to advertise an upcoming episode of #random

Re: Lupita. I do not understand the frenzy! Like I cant!

I am already learning that you cannot have it all and it sucks..the only thing I pray about everyday is having the wisdom to know what is more important at each stage of my life so i can have a complete experience.

I agree re: good guys.

I think some people just have personality types that accept people easier than others so it is easy for them to find other people they click with easily. Also it depends why they ended their other relationship. If the entire time they where with that person they knew it was a bad idea and they finally get out, it might not take that long to find someone else they are into because their heart was not really in their last relationship.
Kash said…
For one of my friend's wedding last year, if you weren't married or engaged, you couldn't bring a +1. My friend who has a longtime girlfriend was not allowed to bring her. I think it's rude but at the same time I understand weddings are expensive so whatevs.

Regarding naija parents: I wonder about that too. My mom n co always talk/pressure about this marriage ish and then add, "I just want you to have a better marriage than me"
TheRustGeek said…
What we want vs what we need, complicated by what the other person wants vs what they need makes for the muddy waters that are dating and personal relationships..

Perhaps clicking with someone (at first) is over rated?
Original Mgbeke said…
All the million weddings that I attended in 2011 didn't allow for plus 1. Na zero wey dem fill in for me.

From what I've read, squirting for some is natural, while others seek to learn. Hayyy guys love it.

That Nollywood random was funny.

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