Sunday, February 8, 2015

What is it about Kim Kardashian?

That riles people up.

Unless you are under a rock, Kim Kardashian-West is everywhere and anywhere you can think of. I've never seen anyone who has both the vitriol and public fascination of the public. A friend of mine says she thinks Kim is overexposed and while i don't doubt she enjoys the publicity, I also think a part of it can't be helped because no matter where she is, the paparazzi is sure to follow her and be there.

Anyways,all my yapping is because of her recent nude spread in a magazine. It had people all in a tizzy requesting she keep her clothes on and remember she is a wife and mother and I was wondering if people are uncomfortable with nudity or if it's really because it is Kim Kardashian. Because last I checked everyone's always proclaiming feminism and part of my understanding of feminism is the right to have a choice to do what you want. Also, last I checked, Rihanna is always naked but when she does it it's cool and bad ass. When Beyonce showed or shows her ass, somehow it's classy. Who defines the rules?

I think the issue is people think - even after many years - Kim Kardashian should be apologetic for how she got her fame and part of how she maintains her fame and she is not. I watch her show and since the birth of her child, she cares less about what people thinks about her. Don't get me wrong, she can be annoying o but I do feel she handles the massive amount of hate she gets well and continues to make her paper.

The funny part is some of the people on my TL who get on her case are the same ones who will say meen for x amount of dollars, I will definitely do x, y,z. Well, the thing is Kim is actually living that in reality. it's not a hypothetical situation. If she is proud of her body and her husband (the only person that should care) is okay with her being nude, then I don't understand what the problem is.

For anyone who has an issue with Kim being nude, what about it offends you?


Original Mgbeke said...

I'm generally neutral to Kim K but lately been thinking she should go and siddon somewhere for a while. Not everyday nudity, sometimes wear cloth (yaay, finally used that in a sentence. Loll). But sha sha, her nudity in itself doesn't vex me. I think she's just too out there.
maybe people like Rihanna get away with it cos for some strange reason, Rihanna's nudity doesn't seem like girl you need to go and sit down...then again, I'm always biased for my Rih.
Beyonce can get away with it cos she has built up her image and brainwashed her stans to the extent that everything she does including her raunchy displays are considered as "classy".

Sha, in summary...Kim's nudity isn't the issue to me. It's just her over exposure.

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