Friday Random

7/11 guys. Hope you guys with 7/11 in your cities went and claimed your free slushies. Happy Friday guys, hope the week was kind to you. I had a good week actually. Busy, but good all the same. Can I just say that this Zimmerman trial has me all in a mixed bag of emotions. I manage to catch snippets of it in the breakroom and read up on some of it and the whole thing is are they trying to base the trial on things that have no bearings on the matter at hand. The fact is a young man is dead. We are arguing about who was screaming for help. Both mothers say it is their son. How is an unarmed boy with skittles and a drink be a danger to someone with a gun?? What was the self defense? If he had stayed away like he was told to would he even be around Trayvon to tussle and "defend" himself by shooting him to death?? His poor mom is reliving the whole thing as they try to defame the boy's character. Long and short of it all is that the boy is dead and never coming back, I just wish the big picture isn't lost sight of. But sigh..what do I know? Only God knows what happened that night sha but I hope justice is served, struggle or not Zimmerman took a life. Ok enough of my yapping. Random we shall.

My coworker is convinced that the mattress shops you see everywhere are a cover for another kind of business. He claims there's a mattress store in every corner (which is true) and noone needs/buys mattresses that often for them to be that many. Which is true because for one they are way overpriced and there are still bargain stores and online deals. Made me wonder sha.

I realized that I have no emotional connection to any holidays.

This is not fact o, but after speaking to a lot of my guy friends. Regardless of whether they are in a happy relationship or not, I was thinking that maybe a lot of men don't trust women. I think that's what plays a part in the generalization that men are dogs because of the shadiness. Sometimes I think it's what makes it easier for those that are shady towards women? (this made more sense in my head, so I'll stop trying to explain now)

I get that Kate Upton has massive funbags but I don't care much for her body. Her torso is kinda weird.

I am probably in the minority but I found Magna Carter Holy Grail boring. The beats were nice and the songs were decent but I just wasn't moved. Like Yeezus I thought was not a good album but certain songs, I'd just pause and be like hmm but with MCHG it was like one long flat line.

Would you be averse to putting your parents in a nursing home? Not just any, like a decent one. I get the emotional and cultural reasons most Nigerians would have but life doesn't always work the way we want. What would be your reasons if you are averse to it?

Someone on twitter asked why it was called "fasting"? That's a good question, I wonder how it came about.

How many of you honestly really think all men [will] cheat? I don't think all men will cheat but I do think most will. I think the part that baffles me most is the disassociation. Too many cases of a man being loving and the best boo ever to his girl/wife but still able to cheat. Well, not surprising they do say they do stuff without emotion. ah well.

"Why would anyone ever give up being a man? It's like winning the lottery and giving it back". Quote from Orange is The New Black, the new Netflix series. I am 3 episodes in and I am loving it.

Oh before I go a few shout outs:

The UmuIgboUnite Convention is holding in Dallas this year, for anyone or anyone you know who might be interested feel free to visit the website to see what they are about and to learn more.

Guys, be kind and visit my CILy's site here. It's basically a wealth of information if you are interested in knowing more and learning about laying a foundation for kids from birth.

As always, please don't forget to visit and share with your friends :)

I really should go to sleep. I have a long weekend ahead but I get to see John Mayer yay! Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies and as always stay safe and stay blessed.


LadyNgo said…
Ah, so thats why they were giving out free slushies. I've been to 7-eleven like 3 times already this week so i didn't go :(

Don't even get me started on the Zimmerman trial.

I only listened to snippets of MCHG. Stuff sounded good but wasn't really knocked off my feet. I'm just not that into hip-hop anymore i guess.

IDK, i think i'd feel some kind of way putting my parents in a home, even a nice one. Maybe one of those senior living apartments but not an actual "home". But i'm not the oldest so its not my call lol.

I think all (like 99% at least) men cheat...probably all women too. But that doesn't mean i think all men cheat all the time nor do i think they will cheat on every single person they enter a relationship with.

I've always wanted to go to a Umu Igbo Unite Convention. Never got around to it though.
yujubee said…
Funny, I got gas on my way yo work and I I didn't know it was free slurpees day.
I always get to watch the trial in thd breaj room too.but I find it funny that every other thing that comes on tv in the break room , somehow somehow sombody makes a comment about it and we talk about it, like the mattress commercial for example, but yhen nobody ssys snything about the Zimmerman trial. Maybe its only when I'm there. But I just wonder issue maybe?cos the jodi arias own I heard comments o.
not all men will cheat. For some its just too much trouble maybe, they just do it in their head.
I cant even imagine, especially when you know your parents wouldn't like.i cant reason been that i think when people are old and know that the end is near they dont want to spend their last days with strangers . but if they are understanding, maybe.except for my own children I'd give up any thing to take care of my parents.
that mattress jist is possible o.
Anonymous said…
There's no way I would put my parents in a nursing home. It's just never been an option I am willing to entertain. I'll hire a nurse or something.

I don't think all men cheat, but I think most do...sad.

Thanks to you I've been sitting on my couch watch Orange is the New Black. So far so good.
Mz.T said…
I don't and have never thought all men will cheat.
Ok. Bye.
mizchif said…
Get to see the weeknd, get to see John Mayer, get to see Adele. Urgggggggggh! I hate you.

I miss John Mayer.

I kinda expect men to be unfaithful *shrug* I just don't like them being disrespectful with it.

My mother would probably curse me if i ever put her in a home.

It was twitter o, twitter. Everybody was "rocking Tom Fords" so i had to download MCHG. Flat line is putting it mildly.

Been hearing a lot about OITNB, can't wait till i can Hulu everything :)

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