Tales from the Gym

A few observations from the torture house:

When you train with a personal trainer, you begin to wonder if everything else you did prior was even a work out.

Trainers are nicer to the smaller girls than if you are on the larger end of the scale.

It's always funny seeing guys try to hide their gawking at the girl who just walked by in her tight skimpy outfit. She's almost always blond and blue eyed.

It's cute seeing couples working out together.

Swole people walk into the gym like "yea motherfuckers, don't you see my guns? This is my house"

People are addicted to their phones. I see people cycling and they start fiddling with their phones and forget what they are doing and cycle reeeally slow. The highest was I saw a lady doing squats with her eyes never leaving the phone. Deep.

In group classes, how hard can it be to just follow the teacher's count/lead. We go up, you go down. We kick forward, you kick back. It's one thing to not have rythym it's another to not just pay attention.

The grunting men in the weights area are hilarious.

It's never the babes with the fantabulous bodies who are stripped naked in the locker room.

Those of you with great genes that can eat whatever and stay looking good, be quite thankful. Have a lovely week. I get to see Emeli Sande today. yipeee.


Anonymous said…
Yes!!! So true for most of these, especially the first one. Also, I'm that girl in group classes that just seems to mess up the routine...sad.
Berry Dakara said…
1. I concur that it IS a torture house.

2. Lol at swole people. It IS their house.

3. People on their phones might be using exercise apps. An app on my tablet counts down every 30 seconds, so IF I exercised, I'd have to constantly look at it.

4. I wish I had great genes :(
neuyogi said…
OMC!!!!! (Oh my Chineke....stolen from "how to love igbo things blog") number 1 and the woman doing squats unable to be pried off her phone were my favorites. I hate gyms...i feel pressured to perform or something. Then i think of how fabulous Halle Berry looks at her age and I persevere.
neuyogi said…
oooh I just saw Berry Dakara's comment and realized that O has an app that does so many seconds of squats alternating with push ups....so maybe just maybe that is what others are doing....
Toinlicious said…
You saw Emeli???? I'm so jealous right now :(

I'm thanking God for mama's lepacious genes right now
Mz.T said…
HAAAYYY!! You're working out???

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