Friday Randoms

Hi guys. How are you? Hope everyone's good and everyone's been keeping well and staying warm. Man, I gotta tell you this weather has not been kind to us. I live in Texas and contrary to popular belief it gets cold here. We were hit by an ice storm and I know people like to laugh at us but we were having highs in the 20's with ice everywhere and everything frozen. I am glad we are warming up now. I am watching the new Netflix documentary The Short Game as I type this. I love documentaries. (and man I watch too much tv) So cute watching little kids who have already found their passion and have discipline in training and are so ambitious. Oh yea and Beyonce just released a visual album at midnight. I learned that a visual album is one where every song on the album is accompanied by a video for each songs. The stans are going crazy. I previewed the videos and man, this girl's body is SICK. Whatsup with these chicks (kim K) looking better after having a baby. Anyways let me random:

There's a reason why it's easier and arguably better to just say fine when someone asks how you are. Whether or not you feel fine.

Man, Iyanla has seen some things in her life. divorce, death of a child, foreclosure etc etc

Speaking one point is it too much for a person to go through? If any of you are familiar with the TLC show The Little Couple about a married dwarf couple. First they wanted to have kids and she couldn't get pregnant. She is already dealing with the complications that come with being a dwarf. She finally got pregnant and she miscarried. Then after that she just found out she has a rare form of cancer. Granted the miscarriage might have saved her life but it just seems like so much for one person.

I now believe the whole concept of being "good"  equaling being rewarded with good things happening to you is hogwash.

After watching Time of Death, I just wonder now if there's more to the after life than just Heaven and hell. The concept of just that just seems so simplistic now.

-------This documentary is so good------

Speaking of Time of Death. It's this reality show about death on Showtime that follows people with terminal illnesses till the time of their death..and when I say the time of their death, I mean we watch them take their last breath. It's so hard to watch, watching people deteriorate and then die but it's also so good.

"When you identify with a belief/religion for so long, you feel threatened by a different view because there is a chance that you could be wrong and how can you be wrong?"

"Life is simple we just make it complicated" I don't agree with that anymore. I think we think of it from our own comfortable lives with average problems. If I spoke to a girl born into a war torn country, looking for food, who has been circumcised and sexually assaulted by family members or infected by a disease that is not a simple life. I think I identify more with Life can be simple. It can also be complicated.

Speaking of..."men are simple"...yea ok.

I told someone that I wouldn't have an abortion at this age like what would be the point? Got me thinking if there was an age limit for abortions?

Can you be with a virgin man? I keep wavering. As of now, no. Ok lemme say, depends what kind of virgin. If an overly religious, wound up man - no.

Does it mean anything or does it affect a marriage if your partner is not the best you've ever had?

Lol, I swear noone believes in lying to their partner for the sake of "maintaining" a relationship like Nigerians.

So don't judge me but when I see a couple where both people don't have papers, my first thought is like "what's the point?"

Genesis 3 has a verse where God banished the snake to the belly after giving Eve the apple. So then, if it was banished to his belly, how was it moving before then?

I wonder if Jordin Sparks still has her purity ring. I am rooting for her and Jason Derulo. I hope they last.

I commented on Mgbeks post about blaming yourself when things go sour in a relationship. I am so guilty of that. This year, I got 2 apologies from blast from the pasts saying it was not anything I did. Not to say that's the case every time but it helps.

Ok I think I may have flapped my gums too much. Today is my last official work day for the year 2013 and I am excited and ready to just relax. Just in case I don't get a chance to come back here, I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and always remain blessed.

I love this song. The video always puts me in a good mood cuz everyone is dancing like noone is around. Hope you enjoy it too.


mizchif said…
Virgin man

So i don't think your partner has to be the "best you've ever had" but i do believe that sexual compatibility is important, the thought of being married to somebody i'm sexually incompatible with is just scary to me.
leggy said…
i think i can be with a virgin as long as he's not a judgement nigerian arsehole.
el oh el @men are simple. that's like chapter one of lies nigerian women have been told all their lives.
lying to maintain a relationship is just exhausting, trust me one day one day, everything will blow up in your face and you won't be able to remember all the lies.
let me not even say anything about the paper thing.

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