Oscar Tyme '09

Hey lovely peoples, can you believe it, it's another year again and time for the Oscars. Last year, most of my predictions in the major categories were right. This year, I think I may have actually seen all the oscar nominated movies, so I thought I'd give it a shot again this year, so here goes:

Best Picture:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire

Sigh, so unless you have been under a rock, you have to have heard about Slumdog Millionaire, they've pretty much won every award there is to win. At first, I thought the Academy would give it to Benjamin Button but now I am not so sure. I did read somewhere though that Harvey Weinstein is pulling a tough nose campaign for the reader so we might see an upset, if people are tired of the SD ride. As for me, my fav movie was Milk but I know it doesn't stand a chance so here's hoping we have a surprise win like when Crash won over Brokeback Mountain. I think it'll be Slumdog

Best Actor:
Richard Jenkins
Frank Langella
Sean Penn
Brad Pitt
Mickey Rourke

Yours truly really thinks it should be between Frank and Sean with Sean winning it. Sean already won an oscar 5 years ago for Mystic River and he is not exactly the friendliest of people in the industry, but he has won all the major awards. But the academy loves a story, especially a comeback story,so me thinks Mickey Rourke gonna get it. Why Brad Pitt is nominated, I have no idea either way I think it'll be Mickey Rourke.

Best SUpporting Actor:

Josh Brolin
Robert Downey Jr
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Heath Ledger
Michael Shannon

NO brainer here, everyone knows its Heath Ledger's award. Personally, I feel bad that the other actors have to compete against someone that is not alive, when next will they have a chance to be nominated again. Ah well, my vote would have gone to Robert Downey but I think it'll be The Joker for this one.

Best Actress:

Anne Hathaway
Anjelina Jolie
Melissa Leo
Meryl Streep
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet submitted her name for the Best supporting actress category, but the academy ignored that and was pushed to this category. The competition is going to be between her and Meryl Streep. Both ladies did an outstanding job, but like me the academy is going to think it's high time the 6time nominee, Ms Winslet gets rewarded, so I think it'll be Kate Winslet.

Best Supporting Actress:

Amy Adams
Penelope Cruz
Viola Davis
Taraji P Henson
Marisa Tomei

Let's just pretend that Tomei is not on that list. Ok, so with Winslet out the running, it really is anybody's game. My personal favorite is Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. my sentimental fav is Taraji, she has been in the business for a while, it's nice she is getting recognised.Like I said, it's really up in the air but I think it will be Penelope Cruz.

The oscars will be airing tomorrow Feb 22 on ABC, here's hoping I don't disgrace myself with my picks. Have a lovely weekend.


Reverence said…
you know i am quite determined to watch the oscars this year, havent watched it since the one where beyonce performed, i forget what year

I am soo excited to watch it, i wish i could have a watch party...really sucks to not know that many people in town :(
TayneMent said…
aww, I would so attend if I was in your town, where are you?

I know people in town but most of them are not interested lol.
Reverence said…
i just moved to lame ass Dallas.

maybe we can have a blogville watch party??
TayneMent said…
Dallas is not lame!

umm, I am in dallas :D
Anonymous said…
you and I are going to be great friends. I am so rooting for Taraji and KAte. I liked Brad in Button and I REFUSE to watch that stewwwpid Slumdog millonaire. Yes, I am aware I am a hater and yes I did not watch that movie. Unfortunately I HAVE NEVER rooted for the underdog. Anyhoos I think I will get to watch it on monday cuz yours truly does not have a TV. XOXO
HeavyFeathers said…
Slumdog Millionaire for best pic. Agreed. Penelope in Vicky Christina? ehm.. not sure, although I really don't think Tajari (sp) was that outstanding, I mean she was in maybe a total of 20 mins in the movie. Good job tho ( make up was definitely great.. heck that movies gets best make up ( do they have a category??) or costume..)) focus. Anyway, I will see it much later than you but curious to see what happens.
TayneMent said…
@Temite - hahaha, I have a disease, I HAVE to see any movie that is nominated so I usually pray George Clooney is not. I can't stand his movies!

@Heavy Feathers - If Viola got nominated for Doubt and was only in for like 12 minutes, Taraji can get nomnated too lol
Reverence said…
oh for real! I was going to ask if you would be my friend and i read
the comment about george clooney and I am going to have to reconsider..

There is absolutely no reason to not like a fiiiiiiiiiine man, none AT ALL
TayneMent said…
LOL..I didn;t say I didn't like him, he is charismatic and all..actually he does nothing for me hotness wise but his movies, Lord have mercy, they just try so hard to send a message, it kills me.
Reverence said…
haha...i am not too concerned about his acting...i just stare at him and the eye candy is worth the price of the movie ticket

email me if you want to have the oscar party aeni@ufl.edu
Original Mgbeke said…
I guess you called some. I was lost as usual, I wonder why I even bother watching.
TayneMent said…
mgbeke what you mean some? i called all but one! grrrrr
Anonymous said…
Wow, you're good.
TayneMent said…
lol thanks Anonymous, now I just need to figure out how to get paid for it.
Reverence said…
you need to make this a paying job.
oh yea i fell asleep and missed the good parts :(

i like every JT song i've heard except for "cry me a river" cos i believe only women are allowed to sing songs like that. i think its my inner feminist.

oh yea and hes HOTTT!!!

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