Happy Valentine's Day

Hello lovely ones, it's February 14 again. I hope most of you had a good day with your loved ones and significant others. As for me, I had a solo day with myself and as I write this at 8.04pm, I still haven't taken a bath (yeah yeah yeah, sharrap!). So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I began to think (wait I do this all the time anyways).

It all started with a writeup I read on a website I frequent, here are excerpts(excuse the language):
"I have always said and will reiterate it once more, a relationship going no where is ONE LONG BAD DATE. Time waits for no one and if you can be very honest to yourself and answer for yourself, "Where is my relationship going?" NOT " where do I want or would like for it to go?" If it is going somewhere stay put, if it's not, cut your losses short. When you cut your loss short, it means you are saving TIME, your TIME on this earth is your LIFE on this earth.



Now that you can see this, Value your time, and if someone else doesn't value it, Fuck what they are going through, don't engage in wishful thinking, face reality!"

This was what really struck a chord with me:
"The easiest thing of it all is finding the right partner, are you ready for the real and simple secret? the hardest is FINDING YOURSELF, once you FIND YOURSELF and you are absolute sure of who you are, what you want, you will find your other half if you so desire. BUT YOU MUST FIND YOURSELF".

What does it mean to find yourself? It means TO KNOW YOUR PRIDE AND PRINCIPLES. These are the things that you will die for and never compromise. The principal thing for you to do each and every day is to maintain your principles and stand for your pride.

Finding yourself is no one day task, we grow older, experience new things and change. So, to me one of the most important things in finding yourself is self love, so no matter what changes you still love the core of who you are. Yes we all say self love is important but how many of us really practice it? I know for me it has been one long struggle. Coincidentally, a darling friend of mine who has been going through a similar dilemma(not the self love struggle) with me told me of an exercise she was doing where she was writing down what love means to her and how she can practice it on herself. I thought about it and one of the most important things to me has been having a S.O that accepts me for who I am flaws and all and still loves me. So why don't I do the same to myself?

So today, February 14 2009, instead of doing what I have done in past years ( like drowning in self pity, getting a piercing etc), today I declare that I shall work on my self love and love myself like nobody else can - flaws and all. I know I am an awesome person and one day I hope to meet someone who will know, appreciate and be willing to take the risk and bask in my awesomeness too :D, till then I shall bask in it myself and learn to appreciate every thing about myself.

Happy Valentine's day my darlings and enjoy one of my favorite love songs of all times. Muah!



Original Mgbeke said…
Yaaaaaay! Today na today o! We finna check back next year on how it went.
Nice one....

Meanwoos the song no show o.
HeavyFeathers said…
Awesome! Glad u're starting the journey...
Overflow said…
Lovely write-up!!
Funny how the seemingly simple things are the hardest to grasp. I shall talk a leaf from your book and try to do the same.
TayneMent said…
Thanks Overflow! and good luck on the journey!
Reverence said…
Awesome post.. nice blog, i really like!
MPB said…
I hope you keep loving you and spoiling you and don't derail off this path.
Anonymous said…
love the blog already.. writeups fantastic.. so true... i absolutely love the song you posted and have introduced so many friends to it... would have talked more about the music but its sort of a bad day for me.. so maybe not... but ill definitely be back here.. much luv hun
Kate said…
Awww...how awesome!!!
Prayerful Fornicator said…
Love It!
May the force be with you!
TayneMent said…
umm thanks PF, whoever you are. Interesting name you have there too.
Nnesis said…
Prayerful Fornicator might be someone who's been chasing someone's wife and also a wannabe pastor

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