Sometimes I Wonder....

So the Oscars were yesterday, I totally enjoyed the show besides the Slumdog sweep, humph! and also yours truly once again called it right for most of the major categories. Anyways, Oscar season signals the end of award season which usually makes me a tad bit sad, which leads to my main topic.

Who gets sad because award season is over? and on the flip side who gets so mega freaking duper excited when award season starts? Making sure to know all the people nominated (be it music or movies or tv shows) so I could give a fair assessment.

The answer: Noone I know :(

Ok so I admit I have a disease, as I call it. The amount of pop culture crap in my head cannot be normal.I'll give you examples.


A friend of mine asked on his status message(referring to Brangelina), is this the first time a baby mama and their S.O have been nominated for an Oscar at the same time?

Do you have an answer of the top of your head, dear readers? OK, well I could immediately mention Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon for Dead Man Walking and Michelle WIlliams and Heath Ledger for Broke Back Mountain.


I was asked, Has Meryl Streep ever won an Oscar? well that's easy enough yea she has but I also added that she had been nominated 15 times and her last win was in 1983 for Kramer vs Kramer.

Sigh, I can't decide if this makes me a loser or a psycho seeing as I gain nothing out of it and it's not like I know anyone I could share and babble on about this without the glazed look and polite smiles come on after 5 minutes.

Anyways, I was all on a high from the Oscars and ready to go to sleep with a smile on my face, when silly me decided to tune to E! to listen to a little of the after party interviews and I see Ben Lyons - he is the E!movie critic and Roger Ebert's replacement, yes ROGER EBERT!. All he does is interview movie stars every now and then, watch movies and critic them and award time give predictions. Basically the same things I do except he is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money and get this he is 26!

Well that just got me depressed, because it made me wonder. Why do I have this disease/gift/passion when I cannot channel it into something, if I can where do I start from? Who do I talk to? What can I do? Sigh again. Well I'll keep on enjoying my pop culture knowledge solo (it really does get lonely sometimes:( ) and maybe it will lead to something one day...even if it's a phone a friend on who wants to be a millionaire :D

Have a good week ahead people!


Anonymous said…
YAY. I didnt get to watch the silly thing. but I am happy for kate Winslet and really I could have acted the crazy psycho part much berra than that girl. Oh and dearest, maybe you should find a way to contact the dude and interview him or something. or maybe fing his biography then.
TayneMent said…
Temite, he had a famous daddy...and yaay to furst!:D
Anonymous said…
damn then Taynemet. You wont happen to have a famous daddy, do you? Pele. Maybe you can get yourself a famous suga daddi? how about that. think on it. LMAO.
Original Mgbeke said…
TayneMent said…
lol@Temite, lemme start working on it jare

@Mgbekee I'llremember that when this weirdo is making money!
Kate said…
ummmmmm....yeah i'ma have to go with Mgbeke on this are weird, but I think you should definitely find a way to translate your weirdness into some sort of entertainment gig... we just need to go to LA and bombard some studio office. I'm down!!
TayneMent said…
of course you are. O ye with a high amount of stalkerish tendencies.
MPB said…
It's funny but i actually agree with Kate on this one (doesn't happen too often), you need to take more risks. You aren't going to find hollywood down South where u are. So u might need to pack ship and relocate to LA and get into a studio somewhere, even if you have to wait tables for a lil while. Then even if it doesnt work out, you wont be on your bed wondering, you'll know you tried. Shoo one of our mutual acquantances n San Diego just started taking acting classes...I don't even cae how old you are, it's just sad to see your gift go to waste.
Reverence said…
I agree with MPB, you might need to take some kind ofrisk, It might not even have to be as drastis as moving to LA.

sooo did i pass the JT test? are you my friend?
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should start another blog and make it a little bit more professional and market that blog. You know like "the ybf" or "concreteloop." Ya never know who might read it. Thing is that you will have to put in work and update regularly. Good luck sha.
Overflow said…
Good idea by the might want to look into it. The WWW has been known to make wonders happen.
TayneMent said…
Thanks guys, I am really going to look into it. I appreciate it!:D

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