Friday Randoms

Man, you guys are lucky I like you because as I lie here I am bone tired but I decided to just random now or else it won't get done. Who watched the naija match? chei, I didn't get to watch it because I was Indiana bound and was on a plane but it seems I did myself a favor, see disgrace.Tufia! I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post - Favored/Unfavored. I didn't quite get as many responses as I hoped but the ones I got still made me think so thank you. Since a certain somebody said my random friday posts is class, make i give una homework - Please, see the HBO documentary - Saving Africa's Witch Children - it's based in Nigeria and so sad.It reminds me to be thankful. One of the "clues" they mentioned in the movie is when a baby cries so much, and I was a cry baby and my grandma chose to "save" me and I have 2 razor blade scars on either side of my face to show for it, if I was in an environment like these kids Lord know what would have happened. Second - Go read Eat.Pray.Love - I LOVE this book, I doubt I will see the movie. I feel its too sacred to be a movie. crap! my intro is hella long. humph lets random:

I wonder how much radio dj's earn. Especially the ones that do weather or do morning shows for 4 hours.

I am a little envious of people who repent after "enjoying" life. I feel they got the best of both lives. They enjoy all the worldly things then give that up to enjoy Christ's presence ( does that make sense?)

MI's "forever" has a line that says "I have been waiting my whole life...". If you meet the love of your life at 21 can you technically say "I waited my whole life for you"

So I have only been to one wedding in Naija my whole life. My cousin's in 2007. Weird. ( oh i flowergirled when i was 5)

Why do people get grossed out at the thought of their parents doing the nasty?

It is never really easy to hear the truth about yourself especially when it's ugly. I forget what i was watching where they said, "people usually lie to protect people but it's the opposite, if you really want to fuck somebody up, tell them the truth"

I thought it was cute when Kendra and hubby thanked her assistant by having him pick any vacation spot in the world, all paid for and he chose Indiana. Kinda stupid but still cute.

This week my guy friend said: Never waste your time wondering why a guy didn't want you instead try to figure out how to move on - It stuck.

Omg, at my gym the girl that checked people in was OVERWEIGHT. Like the kind where you can lift the tummy up and drop it. How did she have the balls to apply?

Speaking of gym, I hate walking by personal trainers. I always feel they are saying look at that ass jiggle. I bet I could do something about that and whip her into shape.

World Cup of Beer competition being done categorized like the world cup groups. Guinness was Naija's beer ( I don't know how Ghana got Star). DId you know more guiness is sold in Naija than Ireland?

If wishes were horses, David Tutera will plan my wedding like his TV show. I don't have to have control over anything.

Everyone claims they are shy.

You know how we say celebrities are overexposed. With the event of technology and social media, is it possible for us regular people to be overexposed too?

Wedding dresses are as forgiving as trad dresses.

Did anyone notice in Sex and the City (part 1), the bridesmaids dresses were red, blue and black. When she finally got married to BIG at the courthouse, anyone notice the girls had the same color on?

WHo knew teeth whitening at the dentist was $750

Whenever someone is being stupid or silly or generally embarassing on a reality show, chances are they are from TX.

nice read -

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who are wrongfully in jail, that the Lord will find a way for them to prove their innocence and gain their freedom back. AMEN

Ok I am too tired to put any music, hum to yourself. Tomorrow I shall carry my nyansh to Atlanta and rediscover my partying mojo. Chei, who will do my homework oh! Have a lovely weekend, my little blogelettes.

PS Na wah oh, see as the Lakers just came from behind. Gnite.


leggy said…
lol@hum to yourself.
nice randoms.i love atlanta mehn, lucky you.
MPB said…
Love that quote from your guy friend, I hope I remember that. As for fat girl working at the gym, WOW!!!
Ms.O said…
Ewww @ Parents doing the nasty,
Your male friend is right.
Both Green and white teams, #Nocomment.

Have a good weekend!xx!
Reverence said…
i am currently reading eat, pray and love, been recommending it to anybody that will listen.

lol at repent after "enjoying" life. i am actually envious of them for a different reason, they are usually way more passionate about following Christ, i think its because they can see the huge transformation and are more appreciative of it.

OMG david Tutera is the man, i find some of his shirts questionable but yes, he can def plan my wedding.

i was gonna comment on every random but uhm yea i give up..

have a great weekend! have fun in atlanta!
neefemi said…
"This week my guy friend said: Never waste your time wondering why a guy didn't want you instead try to figure out how to move on - It stuck" - GBAM!!!!

Have a nice weekend
Anonymous said…
lol..@enjoy life & repent later...many of our pastors are samples...enjoyable post.
Jaycee said…
Yes, your random Friday posts are classic! I agree.

The prayer for wrongly jailed people is necessary...a guy was gunned down by the firing squad last night (saw it on CNN)...I mean he was guilty, but it makes me think of innocent people on death roll sha.

Lol. I actually won't say they "enjoy life & repent." They only think they're "enjoying" life, but it's the reverse. A life in Christ is the maximum level of enjoyment anyone can ever get to. But I understand what you mean sha.
LucidLilith said…
*drops pen to start typing*
I can't even brag about Nigeria at work anymore. I get pity looks

Radio djs make from $100 on the low end to $400 an hour. Go figure.

I remember relatives calling me and my sister ogbanje ....silly people

Repenting after enjoying life is awesome. That's why I am a catholic

Parents having sex? The horror. *scratches image from mind*

LOL at overweight gym girl...maybe she works for gym membership? Perfect marketing gimmick? As in, make sure you sign up or else you end up like me?
Myne Whitman said…
Plenty randoms, me sef don tire for our team. I'm shopping for where to shift my affiliation, lol..

Have a lovely weekend and Amen to your prayer.
Kash said…
Haha I feel the same way about personal trainers...I need one tho!

Have fun in Atl...maybe we'll unknowingly bump into each other. :)
Dammie said…
Now i want to read Go read.Pray.Love...sounds like a good book and I need a good book.
lol at the quote about tellin people the truth..don't completely agree tho..truth hurts now and a lie hurts much worse later
yankeenaijababe said…
I love Daive Tetura, where can l find him, his simply the best for wedding o, need him to plan my 2011 wedding o

Have a good weekend, you are hilarious for real
blogoratti said…
Great are you?
Audeo said…
Lovely randoms. Although this comment is over two weeks late.

About waiting for someone all your life,I believe that even if you found "the one" at 15, it'd still feel like you'd been waiting all your life.

Someone aske me recently "where have u been all my life?" I returned the question. And at 23, I feel like i have been waiting all my life.

Happy weekend in advance

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