Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Hope everyone had a good week. I had a decent week thankfully but I am exhausted, mentally and physically. Been having headaches all week and I dream of a week long vacation with no school and no work.If wishes were horses, eh? I had a fun weekend in Atlanta, it felt good to have fun and get some male attention, albeit from questionable men(for those who think I have set back the female movement - bite me) but I am back to reality. Today marks a year since MJ died, how time flies sha. This time last year, I had just returned from my Thursday night ritual of going to Swe Bar (in Naija) when I heard he had passed away.Do you remember where you were? Let's random.

Is it better to wish for peace of mind or self confidence?

It was interesting how on Father's day, people had these kind words extolling their dads and I felt nothing. It's like there is this deep emotion that can be seen through their words and knowing that there is something that deep that you are missing out on but can't fathom and will probably never experience, is interesting. Can you miss something you never had?

On the real, how does God determine our various paths in life?

So, I found out that my job gives us 6 free therapy sessions. Deep down, I feel I should see one but I can't bring myself to do it.

I finally found a church I like and registered to become a member. Someone called to welcome me and suggested I participate in the Singles Ministry. I usually shy away from that but maybe I should give it a try?

Apparently, I am the only nigerian girl that hadn't heard of Felvin for menstrual cramps. Unfortunately, they don't work for me :(

Am I the only one who is not feeling that Hol Yuh song by Egyptian and Nikki Minaj?

Obafemi Martins is a sexy name.

Ah, cellulite free girls, how lucky are thou.

There has never been a time in my history, where I wash my car and it doesn't rain, which is why I hesitate to do so. After months, I decide to wash my car yesterday and what happens today? Yup, it rained. Uncanny, I tell ya.

I don tire for the hair talk but me I like my weaves. Its easier for me and I feel better with it in. uh oh, someone call the activists - bite me!

Hard Times of Rj Berger is a show on mtv. Was watching it the other day and this chic was trynna say how she was on her period and said: There is a vampire buffet going on in my panties. I laughed so hard.

It was inevitable, but my Lady Gaga obsession is slowly but surely waning. She is beginning to get out of her hand. She should sha not overdose till after my concert sha.

I still have a fear of reversing. I am always so sure I am going to hit something.

It's annoying when people are constantly clearing their throat. Ugh!

Everyone is giving Tranny Cyrus a hard time for her revealing outfits as if by now they don't know the drill. "i'm saving myself for marriage", "I'm grounded" then the clothes start getting smaller and they say it's part of maturing and getting older. someone made a good point, why does overt sexuality/sexy dressing indicate maturity?hissssssss.

Is it just me that feels a twinge when I see lap band surgery peeps who are now smaller than those of us that are not overweight but could stand to lose a few pounds. So we slave and watch what we eat while they snip, snip, cut and voila - I'm hot.

One of my mottos in life is to never say never.

If I am going through something, I am usually fine until I hear a song that expresses what I am feeling and there's a chance I could lose it.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who travel frequently. For save travels and protection. AMEN.

Her album isn't selling so well but you have to have respect for this woman's pipes. Me, I am just a fan of hers and I like everything she has put out so far. I love this song, it's a sad song but I feel it. It's beautiful.Oh and Sia(Breathe me) wrote, produced and sang background vocals.

Christina Aguilera - You lost me


CIL said…
leggy said…
the blue background makes it very hard for me to read.
anyway, ive never worn a weave before but i think its your hair and your life so please do whatever you want with your body and your hair,personally, i think its nobody's business.
i dont think you can have peace of mind and then have no self confidence, those two go together.
i dont think God plans our life or any of that crap, personally, i belief that you come into this life with a blank slate and your decisions make you have a great life or not.God helps you out along the road but doesnt plan your routes before hand.
Fabulo-la said…
Peace of mind. Confidence will come from that.

How does God determine? I think he already has the plan, and just designates pple to do what and gives them what they need.
Again #Ithink. But now that u mention it..hmmmm

WHat is Fenlin???

Lool U should hear the pple that SCRATCH (or whatever they do to) their throat constantly! It irritates me! UGH!

Tranny Cyrus?
LMAO! Took me a minute to get that yo!
Aaron O said…
I hope u are working on a novel (bridget jones style). I like ur sense of humor. Get in touch if u are and get in touch if u aren't :)
I am working on one and will need help now and again.
Keep it up.
Reverence said…
i just about died at snip snip, cut viola, i am hot. i seriously considered getting diet pills last week, then i came to my senses.

i am the same way with music only i actually do loose it but i think thats the beauty of music because if there is a song about it then it means you are not the only one feeling that way.
Jaycee said…
"Is it better to wish for peace of mind or self confidence?" Why can't we have both? Do we have to pick one?

No, you can't miss something you never had, but the whole idea can introduce such longing that you begin to appreciate good fathers all over the world. (Awwww, it's ok dear).

YAYYYY!!! Yes, give the singles ministry a try. It's usually fun. And hey, you've got nothing to lose...if it's not something that fulfills you, you can always drop out abi? Nothing do you.

Hahaha @ washing your car and then it rains. Sorry I'm laughing at your expense.

Which one is "You Lost me" again? I don't like depressing things.

Ehen, so by now u can probably already guess I LOVE your Friday randoms, shebi? :)
LucidLilith said…
You were in ATL and did not holla at me? shame on you!

Miley Cyrus is Britney Spears in the making

Never heard of fenlin

C. Aguilera is talented, so she will never sell records. Just see Gaga and other no talent attention hos making radio waves. The industry had gone to hell in a hand basket. Maybe she should try auto tune? (Sorry, I know you like Ms. Gaga).
Anonymous said…
I can imagine your blog in green... it wld be beautiful!!! this is manageable tho.. #fridayrandoms lol! I liked reading this. i will be regular here!
neefemi said…
Never heard of Felvin

And i don't think she's a tranny and i like her, wouldn't want my sisters to wear that, but can u blame her when she sees gaga and Rhianna do it and be successful. Sure doesn't seem to be a successful venture to be fully clothed now is it?
Original Mgbeke said…
Never heard of Felvin.

I didn't feel any deep feelings on Father's day, either.

I think I'm starting to be one of those people who goes out, sees a sea of weaves and snickers to myself. :-D

Peace of mind first, self confidence will follow.
Original Mgbeke said…
Oh and I remember where I was when MJ the Thrift store and they announced it on the radio.

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