Worry + Patriotism

So part of my monthly plans (make that life plan) is to learn how to worry less. Besides a certain Mgbeks friend of mine, I think most of my friends and the people I know are worry-ers. We worry about different things, ranging from small to big. As I was reading my current love interest - that would be the book EAT.PRAY.LOVE. There is a segment where she is having difficulty meditating because her mind keeps wandering off (I have a problem with this too, which is why I DETEST yoga, I almost want to punch someone when I am done, I can't clear my mind). Anyways, a friend of hers told her straight up that she was a control freak and she was surprised because she wasn't like the usual definition of a control freak. He explained further how she was so used to having plans and getting what she wants in terms of those plans that when it doesn't go her way she freaks out. You know how you hear things 100s of times and it just takes that one moment to sink in? This sunk in for me, seriously it's quite idiotic and silly to worry about things that you don't have control over. The same way you have no control over whether you wake up in the morning or not is the same way you can plan till forever and it'll change in an instant. So why worry or be anxious? Do your part, cast your fears, burdens and everything to HIM and you will be surprised how things work out. Infact, think back on your life and I am sure you can think of moments where you were just stuck or in a bind and somehow or the other you got through it. Your ways are not HIS ways, don't try to understand, just revel in his Assurance.

On the flip side, by now we all know Naija was kicked out the World Cup. A friend of mine has been saying how Nigerians are always banking on hope with no hard work. He made his point by saying even before today's match our hope was that we would beat Korea then Argentina will beat Greece then we will move forward, basically some long tins, why can't we just win with straight line? Sigh, this is the point where million why questions about Naija came up. He then asked, everyone says they are proudly Nigerian, what exactly are you proud of? I won't lie, I blanked. I could think of a million things but it would have sounded hypocritical.
Our music - sounds so fluffy
Our culture - seeing as I pick and choose which one works and its the same culture that treats women as second class citizens and allows a woman to be battered.
Our progress - what progress though? Yes there is opportunity but its still everyman for themself, if you don't move back rich, there's no "Nigerian Dream" that will lift you from yonder.
Our resilience? - isn't everyone resilient at some point.

Sha sha, I know I am proudly Nigerian but I am not exactly sure why, so my fellow bloggers, help me out. Why are you proudly Nigerian?

Have a lovely week ahead.


Jaycee said…
I am proudly Nigerian because our people never give up (I know, I know, cheesy statement...)

About not being anxious...Jesus said that we should look at the birds in the air and the grass...God takes care of them, but we are of highest importance to God, so why should we worry?
Kate said…
I feel ya on the worry less thing... easier said than done tho.

I'm proudly Nigerian..truly because of our "resilience" in general....whether good or bad...Nigerians are always looking for a way to make their lives better (even if selfishly)...give a nigerian the opportunity to educate themselves and they will excel...give a nigerian 40+ years of oil spills so that they cannot grow food or fish....and somehow..they still survive...give a nigerian no hope for finding a job after graduation/no hope for graduation and internet and you get yahooze....
like roaches mayne...we tough!!
Omotee! said…
WIsh i could worry less - i'm a confirmed worry wart. i pray, hope, have faith and still worry about everything and everyone. tell me u have a problem and i worry on ur behalf. but its never solved my problems.

am proudly Nigerian cos....
well, isnt it too late to regret or hope to be someone else?
Nice Anon said…
I decided to not worry about the things I have no control over a long time ago and trust me it works!

Proudly Nigerian because the values it has instilled in me.
LucidLilith said…
Em ..okay..this is deeep.

I hate yoga. My mind races a mile a minute and I am a control freak. At the end of the day, I can't unwind and go to sleep. I usually need a sleeping pill and/or a glass of wine. Go figure.

At Nigerias: someone once said we like to over celebrate and underachieve.
Dammie said…
I'm proudly Nigerian because it is who I am..and no matter what I have to be proud of who I am and where I come from because it has helped shaped who I am to day> I'm proud of our culture, well extols respect and virtue, I'm proud of our spirit..resilient and happy no matter the circumstance. I'm proud that we're a big nation..burdened by so many things but still day after day we keep moving on and pressing forward hoping for "one day" when everything would be better
..er..cheesy much..lol. I guess I'm one pround nigerian. Sorry for te epistle

Vivian said…
Strangely enough every country has something its citizens can be proud and things it can be ashamed off.. I am proud to be Nigeria because from it produced two educated parents that bless my life... I have experiences that I can never duplicate and lessons I know I could never have learned any where else..honestly there is no other place I would rather be from. As a Christian, I am taught to have faith. To believe in the things not seen. I can see a better Nigeria...I have hope in it. Be it in my life time or beyond that.. there was something about seeing our boys on that field that brought chills all over my body. I can't explain it in words... indescribable.
Vivian said…
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TayneMent said…
@Jaycee - yep he said so
@Kate - that seems to be the general consensus.
@Omotee - your proudly nigerian comment cracked me up lol
@Nice Anon - I hope to get there soon
@Lucid - this is true
@Dammie - I think I like your answer best:)
@Vivian - I wish I could share the hope you have. I love my country and all but seeing first hand how the country works, it'll truly be a miracle for things to change.
Reverence said…
remember in eat, pray and love when EG says, in life there is no control group, there is no way to know how life would have turned out if any of variables were changed.
so i am proudly nigerian because thats the country i was born into and i its who i am and i dont know anything else.

ooh i love the new template..
9jaPhoenix said…
I'd hate to say what everone else has said but it really is difficult to 'not worry' even worse when we consciously try not to.

As per patriotism. I am Nigerian. #NuffSaid
Dammie said…
aww..thanks! :)

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