FIFA Fudge-Up

Ah, it's been an interesting Sunday. I went to church super early so I could watch the England/Germany match. chei! see disgrace. Twas the first FIFA yeye call of the day when England scored a very clear goal but noooo, mr referee and assistant referee did not see and since playback is not allowed na so dem lose. Enter Argentina and Mexico and Argentina scores a very offside goal but nooooo, mr referee and assistant referee didn't see, so na so dem give them goal. Now granted that the teams that eventually won were clearly the better team, still it was super frustrating as a viewer not to talk of if you are a player. That lead that's given to a team with a goal, messes with morale and psyche men. Uggh, just wanted to express my frustration, that's the nature of the game.

I am doing everything but what I should be doing, which is my homework. I have cooked, watched tv and now currently watching Bill Maher's docu-movie on religion called "Religulous", it's hilarious. It's amazing how people who don't believe usually have stronger arguments and are so sure of what they say, they even know the material more than believers gan. lol.

Toodles mi blogelettes, back to being unserious, I shall be tuning in to the BET red carpet soon. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


yankeenaijababe said…
Yeah to Bet awards, will check it out, seems like you are having a fun weekend :=)
Fabulo-la said…
Hey! Where'd you watch the docu-movie? Been trying to find it.
MPB said…
love this template and color!
miss.fab said…
Bill Maher is very intelligent, and I agree with you that most atheists tend to appear more confident/know more material than believers. But not all of them do, and let's not forget there're a lot of believers that can go hold their own. Still, it is not a competition LOL. But I get your point... it shouldn't be a case of "some" believers.

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