Friday Randoms

Yes, Yes I saw Neefemi's blog and I was jealous so I tried to get a new template too but she already chose the one I would have chosen:(. Boo! Neefemi. I ended up with this one because I figured it might help in cheering me up and also help on me worrying less, you know running in the fields and being carefree but err negative, it's actually annoying me so I will be changing this soon. The week was good up until today but whatever, the best friend passed her Step 3 exams woohooo!! Thats an exam these med school peeps have to take and we were kinda worried as to whether she'd pass or not(well she projected her worry to me, she's a brainiac). World Cup fever people,Naija.Saturday.9am.ESPN2. Now, randoms.

I am amused by the fact that Volkswagen makes a car called Volkswagen Rabbit. teehee.

It's annoying when you pay good money to do your hair and you end up hating it.

I was watching oprah and all these yeye people were saying: Do what you love, find a way to get paid for it. WHat if you know what you love but what you love is not useful, then what? will my bills magically disappear?

And then of course I stumbled on this quote: Successful people do not wait for opportunities that will make them successful. Rather, they create opportunities for themselves that take them to their goal and make them successful.....LOUD HISSS ( i am quite pissy today aren't i?)

I resent taking summer school.

read this somewhere: Is someone still beautiful if noone thinks they are?

I wonder if you can be a doctor and be a true christian in every sense of the word, there are so many conflicting decisions..i think.

Ah, married men. Why do they love me?

So in today's eventhoughwearethesameagebecauseiammarriediknowbetter news, my friend tried to hook me up with her friend who is 36. So I jokingly said "old man" and she said, "Is it a 30 yr old you want? You need to come down let me school you". The end.

No matter how much a woman would like to think that she thinks/acts like a man and is detached. A woman will always be a woman.

I confess that sometimes when people say a prayer that I really believe in and I want to say a loud Amen,I always want to say it jokingly with a h (a la yoruba style) but then I see that it almost sounds like hymen so I shut up. (Yes all this happens in a split second)

Man, I am having a really hard time with concentration on anything.

I feel bad that I haven't been following the BP spill.

Eating right is waaaaay much harder than willing yourself to workout.

People think Ross is exhausting, I think Express is exhausting. I am still always shocked at the prices.

Having a circle of friends who are friends also or know each other is rather interesting.

Why do men wear boxers sef, does it hold anything?

I find humility very endearing. Our generation has somehow managed to turn arrogance+keeping it real into "confidence".

Lol, Lucid L has made me paranoid about the length of my randoms so I will stop here to be safe :p

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who are still healing from and going through a nasty divorce. May God grant them the strength to get through it and to move on from it. Amen.

His voice is almost unrecognizable but I guessed that it was him and I like this song, he is such a hottie too.

Enrigue Iglesias ft Pitbull - I like it



CIL! said…
What da hell!!!
Puke Green?!
I thot I was on d wrong blog for a sec
I vote switching SOON!!!
Off to read

WV:Digar!!! "To dig deeper" :D
Reverence said…
oh so many comments so little time.
do you realise the frist thing i dop when i get to the computer on fridays is check my email and then read friday randoms? yep i am addicted.
lol at married friend, trust me its especially worse when the person is younger than you. i have never had that strong a desire to pimp handle someone's face.
neefemi said…
Lol, sowwweeeeeee..... i like the green but is see why you don't like it

LOl @ wearethesameagebutbecauseyouaremarried - lmao, they will be fine

Interesting question about the boxers, imma be tweeting that now, lol

And yes working out is way much easier than eating right

Good weekend ma
BSNC said…
Boxers allows little breeze down there or so i
Beulah! said…
I love ur blog design.....GREEN!!!...i love green.

Nice randomz
woohoo! Loving the new blog color sha!
Have an awesome weekend :D
Myne Whitman said…
I like this design, I'm actually using it for one of my blogs.

Was that an official video? I love Enrique but I couldn't make out any of the words there. Hmmm...

Volkswagen Rabbit? Do they know about the other mechanical rabbit? LOL..
LucidLilith said…
For s minute or two, I thought I clicked on the wrong blog link...

Beetle, up, Cockroach.
lol @ disappearing bills...only with sugar daddies

I hate summer school too.

Please run away from married men.

LOL at prayers and Hymen. Your mind get as e be.

I love Ross.

I know why men wear boxers, that's why I wear one too everyday!

Today was still very long. I took notes again.

Reading Taynement= going to class.

He he he he he...
MPB said…
First of all I wish your randoms were never ending so they are never too long for me. Yes, it is possible to be a doc and an xtian, in fact, we were encouraged to pray with patients if they desire. Plus there are so many unknowns in medicine, I just know people wouldn't be alive if not for god's grace. Now what intrigues me is that most psychiatrists are atheists, while most psyc patients who hear and see things, often see and hear religious things like jesus, satan, demons. So I always wonder, what if the patient's problem is really spiritual but the doc can't even comprehend such a thing.
Original Mgbeke said…
Not a terrible template.
I like your 'lengthy' randoms.
enrique put the 'Jersey Shore' folks in his vid?


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