Friday Randoms

Hi guys, happy first friday of the month to you. I always say it's impossible to be in a bad mood on a friday, the weekend is always welcome. So a few posts back, I asked for some dinner ideas and it just hit me that I did not thank you guys for your suggestions. I apologize. Thank you, thank you so much to those that gave suggestions they were very helpful. I took the time out and actually voted on the blogger awards site, I figured a bunch of people took their time out to set it up so if you get the chance go browse through, take a few seconds and vote for your favorites. Lucid, i don't care how long my randoms end up today, I dare you (and anyone else) to comment on every single one lol. Let's go:

I have noticed that on tv shows when pregnant women's water break and they go into "unexpected labor", they never show the part where they take off their underwear, they just give birth and the baby miraculously slips out through the underwear too.

In the last week we lost 3 celebs - RIP Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Rue McLahan(sp?)

WHy are most policemen/security guards fat?

I am like spooked out by the blackberry code thingie, it's all so anti-christ-y. I was reading an industry magazine and I saw it as a type of ad now, where you can just scan it on your phone and the other day some creative ad guy came to pitch some ideas at work and he brought up some code thingie where you scan and it takes you straight to a website and all. Spooky!

What is the purpose of a broken heart? People say that it makes you appreciate when you finally meet your person but aren't there people who still appreciate their person but have never experienced heart break?

Why are young children wearing shirts with inappropriate words? I doubt I would let my child wear some of these shirts I saw like - "I drum naked". "Take your shirt off".

It is a foreign concept to me that girls would ask guys( significant other or not) to go watch sex and the city 2 with them. I would never ask a guy to go watch it with me.

This life. It's funny how in school the international students would worry about gathering up money to pay fees and envy the residents that could get loans. Fast forward years and the international student is debt free, while resident is racked with debt. As you can tell, I took a peak at my student loans and my monthly plan to laugh more suddenly dropped. Debt bothers me, it really just does.

I really need to learn to worry less.

Do gay partners ever date in separate houses/apts or do they always live together?

I know horoscopes aren't real but every now and then they are so spot on it's crazy. There has to be some teeny truth to them, no?

I don't care what anyone says Will.I.Am is a cutie.

I really liked this blogpost -

I'm learning how to just say fine when I am asked how I am.

Is it weird that I think married women shouldn't be in a bridal train?

Airlines are a frigging ripoff this summer. sheesh!

So, I do not wear sunglasses. Isn't that weird? It just feels like a rainy day when I wear one and I think I can't see lol.

I feel like a fraud in school. There are people there who actually are interested in learning and try to ask all these deep questions. I confess I am there to just pass my exams and graduate. Sue me.

Oh the evil thoughts we humans have. Or is it just me?

I am definitely going to regret not taking pictures to record my memories.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those going through a divorce or who have not gotten through a divorce and feel like failures, that God grants them comfort and help them through the rough patch. AMEN.

This week's song is originally by Shirley Bassey but I think Jordin Sparks killed it with her version on American Idol years back.

Jordin Sparks - I who have nothing


Reverence said…
i feel kind asorry for my kids..i ahve all these things i wont let them do.

lol at sex and teh city 2, i used to date a guy who LOVED the show. we saw the first one on DVD together.

i refuse to look at my student loan balance.. denile is a river in egypt, my sister.

with the way my life is progressing, my bridal party will be full of married women. most of my close friends are engaged, seriously dating or married.

LMAo at the school... you and me.
NakedSha said…
Please take pictures! I beg of you, please
Ms.O said…
You dont take pictures???? OMG!

Student loans..sigh!

I feel the same way about school.

The pregnancy thing is sooo true on tv!

Have a good weekend!
LucidLilith said…
I actually took notes as I read your LONG randoms so I could comment....he he he..

Pregnant women in tv are unrealisitic. I can tell you women dont scream and yell the way you see on real life, they are usually more pain yes, but not screaming out loud. Drama.

Security guards are fat cus they sit on their asses all day. Like truckers.

Sex and the city with a guy? Torture for both of you. Twilight with a guy? Yes but only because you want them to pay for the movie.

Yes oh! at student loans. I am drowning in them. I wished I was a citizen back then so I could get scholarships. We all want what we cant have.

Abeg, please study and graduate. What you need to learn in life cannot be taught in a classroom.

Take pictures always. I learned that the hard way.
Fabulo-la said…
I dont take pictures either. i dont know why...

What BB code thingy? I ddint get the memo o!

U dont wear sunglasses?
My eyes hurt if dont wear them.

Have a good weekend babesxx
leggy said… didnt say your reason for the sex and the city ish.

the school thing is so on point for me.i just want to pass and graduate too.
Nice Anon said…
I am the queen of sunnies.
and yes is good looking. A classmate of mine who saw him in concert said he's about 5'6 tall.
Vivian said…
Smh @ pregnancy thing is..when they say that the "waters" break... I am always thinking its actual water, lol!!

Sex and the city...I know a couple of guys who actually watch it on their own..

Student loans.. even though I havent taken out a lot of loans.. I don't even want to know how long its going to take me to get out of debt..oy vey!

The whole school fraud thing..girl ..I feel you..if you ask me what I learnt my first year of grad school..I couldn't even tell you..but did I make the grades...yes ma'am. But now when I think about the fact that I am so fortunate to be in the program that I am, I try to take something away from each class I take.

Nothing wrong in having a couple of married folks in the bridal train..most likely will have one or two.
Andrea said…
I love your random post.

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