4 in one Week.

Wow, was last week not something?
4 celeb deaths in one week. Besides, the death of an entertainment great - Mr Michael Jackson himself, there was also Farah Fawcett, Ed Mcmahon and Billy May ( the dude who did the oxiclean informercials). RIP to them all.

Due to my limited internet connection I can't pay M.J real tribute the way I would like with videos and pictures but say what you want about him the man was blessed with talent and I dare you to disagree. Wherever you are in the world, I am sure you have been inundated with videos and montages of M.J's life from childhood, the man was most comfortable on stage, I mean even when he began to look scary looking when he was on stage sometimes he looked dare I say it...sexy (lol, no kill me oh). All this talk about pedophilia, IMHO(In my humble opinion), I really don't think he did anything sexual, as far as I am concerned MJ was asexual and had no interest in sex. I truly believe, his development stopped in his mind as a little boy and that was how he operated. I mean Neverland ranch,chimpanzees as friends and constant sleepovers, dude thought he was Peter Pan. Look at that interview with Martin Bashir, for someone who did somethig wrong he still had a little boy on his lap and didn't think wrong of what he had done. Whichever way sha, God will judge him and I hope people will finally let him be now that he is gone. I can't imagine how sad he was,alive. Thank you for the great music you left us, May God grant comfort to your family and may your sould rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Naija Randoms:

I got a driver's license today. In the words of Sasha, I am slowly becoming a "gidi babe, gidi-gidi babe"..I keed. My picture is so horrible, I dey shame.

I have noticed it before but this weekend it really grated on my nerves, this whole european cheek kiss thing that naijas do. You see each other, "hey" and then proceed to kiss each other on each cheek. na beans? It just seems so pretentious but hey what do I know?

Would it be so wrong to have a deodorant drive event here? You know to help my fellow country people know the importance of deodorant?

Here I was thinking the BET awards would be shown live. My cousin, brother and I had the gen on at 2am to watch only to see the ad that we won't get it till July 4 :(..Ah well, fb statuses let me have an idea how it went.

Naija songs to check out(I don't have all the complete info, sowwy)

Wande Coal's album (again)
Yori Yori by Bracket
Pass me your love by TeryG
some song like this by Shank ft Akon
some song like this by Bukky

On friday, I got praise by my boss, today I got chewed out :(

Everyone and their mama, most especially the radio dj's have a british accent, it gets annoying sometimes.

I still think Okadas should be eradicated.GRRRRR!

I am in some kind of mishmash right now. hopefully everything sorts itself out.

I miss a certain friend of mine but I am not going to make any effort anymore so I don't force a friendship so to speak. I hope she is doing okay though.

I hope y'all had a good weekend. My weekend wiped me out, I slept almost all of sunday. This chic is taking a break this weekend and chilling at home. Have a good week ahead people!


Tori said…
Reverence said…
its so sad. I am not a hard core fan but i was still quite depressed.

LWKM @ deodorant drive. yea naija people and body odor...*shudders*
Kate said…
@ the cheek kiss thing...do you feel that way only because the ppl doing it are naija?..cuz i get that all the time here sha.
*points and laughs* @ not on time tv!! :)
TayneMent said…
I think its strictly a european and bourgeoise thing, in general I think its pretentious but its even more laughable when nigerians do it. Puhlease, cheek kiss thing is not in our culture its just another oyinbo thing we have copied to feel important. It just irritates me sha, since when did a simple hi and a hug stop being sufficient?
Tori said…
The "Hi" and Hug aren't our culture either. What *is* in our culture as greeting?
CIL said…
Lmao at cheek kiss. Must be a Lagos thing... I think if someone tried that with me in Naija, I'd probably inadvertently ask them what they're feeling like or crack up.

Hey a deodorant drive sounds like fun... We can probably make some money in the process sef. So we'll be doing the public a favor and also making money... Genius!

What say you we pursue this idea :P

Our culture is kedu, sanu, bawo, ekurole, how far?, wetin dey... with a slight bend of the knee or a full kneel/prostrate if the person is older (depending on ur tribe sha) :o
TayneMent said…
@CIL, oya let's do it.

as per the culture thing, amongst your own age mates sef is kedu, ba wo ni etc not hi in different languages?

@Tori even if you want to argue the hug, since when did a simple hi stop being enough that we now have to kiss on cheek.Not once but twice.lol
CIL said…
@Taynement, the only part I meant for older people was the slight knee bend, kneel or postrating... by the way, is it postrate or prostrate?
RocNaija said…
I'm sure the boss is just tryna keep you on your toes..
Works everytime..
Just got my copy of Double You ceazy.. Nice album..

No be Cool fm start that accent thingie ni?
RocNaija said…
PS.. Try using this link to update your blogroll..



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