Just sharing, lol

Mosquitoes are EVIL. Evil I tell ya. I was officially welcomed yesterday. After being falsely welcomed with mosquito free, a/c'd sleep. Nepa decided that they won't give us light yesterday. I got bitten, like everywhere including my buttcheek. I could hear the buzzing everywhere around my ears. I kukuma just stayed awake, almost crying and wondering which kain mumu I was and prayed for morning to come. Tonight, I have sprayed my room and will spray myself with off.

I have concluded that most naija men have itchy balls. No for real. Everywhere I look, it's being grabbed, picked, cupped or scratched. Someone should look into this.

Someone mentioned me driving in Lag. Let's just say I laughed for a while.

It's so sad but I have to say CONCLUSIVELY that America has more morals than the new Nigeria. My mouth stays dropping open at the things I hear. It's one thing to want to be westernised but to lose your morals/culture as you do it, smh. na wa sha.

Traffic na die sha.

Buying Credit should have it's own budget. It hasn't clicked yet that I am not on contract and you cant be chatting away. You don't realise how money be slipping away to buy credit.

Blackberry officially and globally rocks!

That's all I can think of for now sha..toodles!:D


Tairebabs said…
lol@ falsely welcomed with mosquito free, a/c'd sleep and naija men and itchy balls.

Why did you say America has more morals than Nigeria?
Tairebabs said…
forgot to add that I am first!!!! yaaaaaaaaahhhh
Original Mgbeke said…
LMAO, you need to get with the 'flashing' plan. Bwahahaha, I swear credit will chop ya money!
I am LOL-ing at your mosquito bitten behind.
TayneMent said…
Taire, I meant to say Naijas in america over naijas in naija, my bad.
Reverence said…
LOL!!! I am loving these naija series!

oooh credit..that brings back some real painful memories :(
MPB said…
Eeeeew eeew eeew at the sweaty, itchy balls. Might even have heat rash on it. Abeg oh dont come back here disfigured form bug bites. So "off" is strong enuff for naija 'quitos? Let me know, i am curious.
MPB said…
why are nigerians lacking in morals? give some juicy examples abeg.
CIL said…
Driving in Lag... are u still laughing?
Ada said…
OMG I haff died..lmao..itchy balls..
That gist is so half. I need details, How are they losing their morals exactly? I do realize I am spamming your blog with comments..I am just trying to catch up.. didnt realize you were updating like mad.yay!!!

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