3 Weeks and Counting...

Yesterday I was thinking about my stay so far and I have to say that I am happy here. I didn't think it was possible my first week but like my friends told me, you will get used to it. I think I am. I have gotten used to the no light thingie (prolly cuz of gen till 12), I have gotten used to keeping my purse on the floor and holding my phone down when in traffic, unless I want to risk it being snatched, I think I have even gotten used to the traffic lol. Ok, granted it might be this false sense of happiness because I have no responsibilities here i.e. bills and I don't drive much but I am still enjoying my time here.

On the flip side, people always ask what I miss the most and I say my independence. Trying to adjust to everything all over again and not knowing or having a way around town could be frustrating because then I have to depend on someone else, which I don't like doing. That is still taking a bit of adjusting. Seeing as I don't want to enter Bus and stuff, the car hire and taxis et al that I have used on few occasion cannot be used frequently else I’ll be a broke mofo.

My people, I am being punished for saying men in yanks don't take action oh! The men here don't play! Ok so part of my job description involves going to trade shows and exhibitions. At my most recent one, I met a lot of corporate, sleazy men. So far, I have been using the excuse that I just came to naija last week and I haven't gotten a working number but I will be glad to give a (fake) email addy. I did that oh, please tell me why yesterday this dude had sent a messenger back to the venue to give me his card and info, telling me that he has been emailing me and he got no response and I should call him as soon as I am done. *mouth open*. That same exhibition as I was jejely standing on my own, some dude just came up to me and in the usual aggressive naija tone (with a heavy sprinkling of Igbo accent), the following convo ensued:
Him: “Why are you posing?”
Me: “Umm, huh?”
Him: “I said why are you posing?”
Me: *speechless at this point*
Him: “I saw you, when you were walking around. Why were you walking around? Just flaunting yourself and showing off. Everyone is looking at you and you are enjoying it. Don’t lie, you know you were enjoying it. Stop walking around”
Me: *at this point, I was both giggling and stunned at the same time*. I managed to sputter out, “so how am I supposed to get out the building?”
Him: “If you are walking again, you should make sure that it is because you are exiting the building. I don’t want you to be making me salivate”
Me: “Umm, ok”
And my fellow bloggers, I swear to you that this was a real conversation.
In that same vein, ever since I have been here I have been to this bar (let’s call it Tango, lol) every Thursday and last week a bunch of guys happened to give me their numbers (because I have been telling them upfront that I am not giving my number out), so when I went last week, I got accosted by one of them straight up. “Why have you not called me?, You said you would call”, I genuinely had to leave so I told him just that and he said, “Just tell me, are you going to call me?”, I was like, We will see. Hmm...I don’t know if I will be showing face this week oh!

By the way, I have to say that Saipan has the best live band ever. I had an awesome time there and literally danced till my feet couldn’t take it anymore.

One last story, this weekend I went to a spa for a massage and facial but I only got a massage because there was no light to do the facial, lol(gen don pafuka). Anywhoos, ladies and gentlemen, I left feeling violated. This masseuse of a lady massaged everywhere on my body oh! I wasn’t even sure what was going on but I know she went a little over the line at my underwear border and apparently she saw no lines in my boob area because them puppies got massaged too more than required and if there are any pervs out there ,No! I did not enjoy it.

In other sad news, my laptop has refused to charge and people have suggested that it could be my charging point or my battery pack is all fried up. I also heard this morning that you are not supposed to charge it with the generator power, not exactly sure why but it’s pretty much my only source of power, so if it’s true then I guess I am screwed.

I miss Uchenna, why has she not blogged in a while :(

Well, that’s all I have for now, hope y’all had a lovely weekend. Boo! to Monday but Yay to being alive!

Thank you to those of you that have said you enjoy my frequent updates, I appreciate it :)


Reverence said…

LOLLLL i remember when i first moved here and i was gisting my fam about my naija "toasters". with his mouth open he goes, you get arrested for crap like that over here. Those guys do not play!
Original Mgbeke said…
This is a double post, but You got me DYING at the 'Why are you posing?' convo. Shuooooo, too funny!
Dudeee I'm kinda jelox sha, like the men here are so friggin' DRY. Abeg pass my digits to some cuties sha.
And double dead @ no gen to do facial, heelarious chits.

Keep up updating. I am living vicariously through you. :-D
diyani said…
lol..I can hear your voice in the convo.. Hilarious. I sent u a gift.. if u even have time. Glad u are enjoying urself, I hope to be like u one day :)
Gee said…
lol ur making him salivate???
nd those massaging pple ehn...i dey fear them o!
Ada said…
Buhahhahaha I defintely knew you will have stories...lollllll
where to start.lmao.naija men are just useless.\dat kain masaage odikwa risky

enjoyment galore
RocNaija said…
Sounds like she definitely went overboard with the massage..
Then again maybe she'd have been expecting a tip at the end of the day.. :D

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