This post is a P.s of what I forgot on my last post.

How I forgot to share with you lovely people, I don't know but I got to achieve my most important goal in life(if you take that seriously, then I don't know what to tell you) which was - to meet M.I Abaga.*squeallllllss*. Yes oh, I met my group-er(what is it called if I am his groupie?).He probably has no recollection of the moment, but I DO and that's all that matters! lol( i need a shrink). Jesse Jagz was in the building, but I think my screaming blocked my brain because all of a sudden I totally blanked out on what he looked like.

The guys here are more forceful sha, ok let me call it persistent. And I can't complain because back in Yanks, I used to say they don't take action. I guess it goes hand in hand with the ambition that they have sha.

Omo, the way money flies out of my hand, e dey do me like wayo. See I am the type of person that checks their bank account 5 times a day and can account for every penny. I also never carry cash and always use my debit card. But here, I just have cash and it slips out too many damn times. Whether it's buying credit, buying lunch, buying lirru unnecessary stuff. I sat down with my brother last night and calculated how much I have spent in the week I have been here and nne I flabbergasted myself, lol. I need to watch my spending and remember that I don't get paid every 2 weeks, I have to wait till end of the month :(

Putting your phone on vibrate is not an option in this place oh. The office is constantly buzzing with ringtones even during meetings and it doesn't occur to anyone to have it on vibrate.

Wande Coal is the hottest thing right now. His album is hot and everywhere you go some song of his is on whether someone is singing it, on the radio or at the club. If you haven't listened to it then you need to go get the album "From Mushin to Mo' Hits". Best naija album so far this year, it's hard to believe it's his debut album.

Like Banky's song said, "Ain't no Party like a Lagos Party". Social Scene over here is bananas. People know how to have a good time and over here, wait for it...the.men.dance!*gasp*. They don't stand on the wall and whisper to each other hiss(okay maybe just a lirru). They also can drink here but they also don't let a lady bring out her wallet. Which is the way it's always been, our naija yankee men come to yankee and forget that back home they ALWAYS paid for everything. **I apologise to the feminists in the house, me I am an awoof liker*:D. As you can see, I went out last weekend and had a good time, danced till like 4am with good music all night through. My people, the gays are no longer in the closet in naija oh, they were dancing their pretty little selves out all night, working them poles too lol

Ok, think back to this post . Ok, I am in double hell. The girls here CAN DRESS. I don't even know if I am holding my own sef, at this point I am just covering my body. Whatever sha, I will just be observing and admiring.

I am slacking on my naija foods oh but I still get time. I haven't had suya, pounded yam or whatever else I am supposed to have. I have eaten gala like almost everyday and i had peppered snail..yummm!

That's all I remember for now sha. Please feel free to let me know when you all are tired of my naija updates so I can switch topic small and not bore you. Happy Tuesday y'all!


Tori said…
na you o! Enjoyment somoborri. I'm really glad you're having a good time. I really am. :)
Reverence said…
I am going to get used to these frequent updates :)

you've been there only 2 wks and you already have "toasters"?

Mgbeke come and see o! apparently lagos is ebe ano :)
Original Mgbeke said…
Noooo, please be updating o! I am loving the Naija gist that you are bringing. Yay to dancing men, I am so sick of these wall huggers and dudes making me pay for my own drinks. LMAO, me sef likey awoofey! Hehehehe...
Original Mgbeke said…
LOL, Revs nne make we organize our $$ to enter dia and get toasted. Bwahahahaha
TayneMent said…
lol@reverence, its not even like that and i have been here 11 days :p
Reverence said…
P.S That mushin mo hits album is faya!!
Anonymous said…
as long as you are enjoying yourself and having fun...

will have to check out some of the artistes you mentioned.

manage your money wellu wellu ooo
bumight said…
im glad u met MI, em, but as for Wande coal, keep admiring him from afar, cos if not....lol

ok, i need to go catch up on previous posts!
Ada said…
Im jealous :(.lol
you are having so much fun.

"na like this we go dey"..see me jamming wande coals album in this hot sun.
naija music is just it.mehn
RocNaija said…
Gotta admit I ain't feeling all the songs on WC's album..
Maybe that would have been different if I was in lagos sha..

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