Friday Randoms

Just like that, the cold came. Time for coats and chill and for all the fashion people that will be shouting fall fashion and layering. Mschew. I am not happy about this but what can I do. The year is also almost over and for the first time in many years I have no plans for Christmas, which makes me sad but guess it's on par with the majority of this year for me. I don't mean to always be a downer you guys. Please pray for me. I want to be less gloom and more joy.

In the spirit of more joy, I did have a fantastic vacation recently where I got to see my family and that always adds pockets of joy to my life. I went to Cape Town, which has to be one of the most gorgeous places. Almost every place looks like a damn post card in the background and also to Abu Dhabi, which was more of a family wedding, so didn't do as much exploring.

Let me see if I can rustle up some randoms.

This week I found out that the average length of time couples date before they get married is 4.9 years. Does this sound high or low to ya?

"Your child doesn't ask for a perfect mom, just a happy mom" I saw this quote on twitter and at an event I went to, the key speaker said her favorite quote was "The best gift you can give your child is living a fulfilled life" Considering I am not a mom, I guess there is no reason or odds of me encountering this twice in a week so ehn.

Women need to learn how to be selfish like men. Men don't even have to learn how to be selfish. It's an innate quality they have because they are selfish even when they aren't trying. Instead, women instinctively take on men's wahala and try to do save a ho and end up losing themselves.

It's so crazy to me how many women have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. God punish the people who experienced it from family members. And the women who watch silently as their significant others destroy someone's life. No words.

What is the meaning of life? Anyone have an answer?

It's a hard thing to remember that not everyone out there wishes you well.

Every time I hear people tell their success story, they almost always mention how one chance, unexpected meeting of someone turned their life around.

"Comparison is the thief of joy" That's a hard quote to remember when you are feeling sorry for yourself. It's bad kids. Don't do it.

It always irks me when people try to make people who don't drink alcohol feel bad. Open mindedness isn't just reserved for the popular/cool stance. If someone doesn't want to drink, it's their prerogative, no?

There are two type of dating people. The cut and dry people who know what they want and are less willing to compromise on certain things especially as they get older. The ones people call picky and "blocking their blessings" and the willing to try all/give a chance, so it's not like they didn't try and ever hopeful that this just might be the one.

I never understand why someone would date someone who doesn't have the characteristics of what you want in a partner and then trying to change them to their specifications.

That's all I got. If you haven't read my post on religion, I'd really like to hear opinions on it. Please support my sister sites - and You can follow us on twitter - @2nightstands and instagram - @nightstands2.

Have a great weekend and remain blessed!


yujubee said…
I just want to be able to travel like you people. Its my one ,i won't say regret, but it seems like I've been patching a leaky bucket for the longest time in my adult life, patch one hole and another opens up,cant catch a break or nothing. And yes i will compare my life with anothers, let it thief the joy only for a moment.
Ps. The life no get meaning finally, thats my conclusion.

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