Friday Randoms

Hiya people. I'm in a different time zone so this might come up as Thursday but I guarantee you that it's Friday where I'm at lol. I just had the tastiest Mojito and I have a slight headache. It's Holy Week for you catholics out there meaning that Easter is round the corner, shey una don buy your Easter cloth ready? lol I'm being silly, here we go:

I think I have joined the bandwagon. I too am irked by the whole battle cry of "First!" followed by nothing. As in no comment related to the blogpost.

I'm not a milk drinker. I don't like the taste. The only time I drink milk is with cereal. I have to say that when you eat cereal at the right time, men that ish knows how to hit the spot. Thank God for America, choices out the wazoo.

Last year, when I was in Poland I heard a song that wasn't in English and I immediately downloaded and added to my collection. I never really got the translation of the song until recently. As my friend was listening, she told me she heard that people are drawn to songs they relate to even when they don't understand what is being said. She translated the song for me and boy was it so on point to what I was feeling at that time.

Did anyone ever watch that show V.I.P with Pamela Anderson? It used to come on a looooong time ago on weekends. I actually liked it.

I have decided that I am going to record episodes of 16 and pregnant and show it to my kids. If that doesn't scare the be-jesus out of them, then...actually I don't

I think everyone should fill out their census forms. I have been meaning to fill out mine but procrastination. It's a good way for govt to allocate resources, so if you can just go on right ahead and fill out the form.

So in 2007 there was a movie called "Death at a Funeral". It's 2010 and there is a (black) remake of the movie already. Umm, are we that short of original material that we are doing remakes in 3 years?

I have always beleived that human beings were inherently good and society makes them evil. If Schadenfreude(pleasure derived from another person's misfortune. Not like oh they lost their leg, I am pleased. More like why humans laugh when someone trips and falls)is human nature, does that mean we are inherently I even making sense?

Pretty Wild on E! has some VERY special characters on it.

If the Cheetos Mascot (the orange tiger) was a real person, he'd prolly be a stoner dude.

Jill Scott is a GORGEOUS woman.

I'm pretty peeved about paying to check in when you travel, makes no damn sense. In other news, frequent travel seems to have reduced my air sickness. My queasiness has been reduced to about 10%, which is fine by me.

Listening to the radio the other day and the ad was for an Obesity clinic. They claim that if you have an obese friend, chances of you gaining weight is higher by 20%. As if that wasn't silly enough, they offered a discount to people who had obese friends. Like wtf, how does that work? Do you show proof of your "obese friend". I thought the whole thing was silly.

I went to church today at a cathedral and I think I was pretty spooked. I've decided that I identify as catholic and I do enjoy going to mass but there are just some tenements and traditions and just some things that I deem unecessary so I am probably going to just ignore them. I could be guilty of picking and choosing but ehn, sue me!

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who are homesick, lonely and far away from loved ones.

Have a lovely weekend guys.

I like this ad, the sarcasm is hilarious:


Love this song:


Myne Whitman said…

Hehehhe, irk you yet? LOL. Frequent flier eh? Hope you're saving the air miles? Jill Scott is beautiful and E! LOL, my daily dose of gossip.

ps, what is stoner guy?
Rita said…
I wanted to do what Myne did...(if I was first)

Hey...who's prenancy are you going to record??? definitely will scare them but hope it wont leave a permanent scar in the mind of ur daughter...:-) Happy Easter...
Reverence said…
its funny i had the same idea as Myne and Rita.. haha

lol at discount for Obese friends..Only in America
neefemi said…
lol....i am so totally saying first still and not saying anything else....too much fun, lol :)
Nice Anon said…
I do catch a glimpse of it every once in a while. I wonder how their parents feel esp that farrah girl who is so rude and stuck up!
MPB said…
Ditto on those "furst" rats. Love the commercial.
Ms.O said…
LOL!!! @Myne!!!
Happy Easter babes!
blogoratti said…
Totally random sturvs..hmm!
Happy Easter miss..
one to go! CIL said…
Ummm what irks me is bloggers that don't respond to comments! :p

Thanks for Friday! and Sat!
LucidLilith said…
LOL @ 16 and Pregnant. You are a girl after my heart.

Also- picking and choosing means you a Cafeteria Catholic like me! He he he....

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