Friday Randoms

Hallo people, and once again the Lord has deemed it fit for us to see another friday. Na wa oh, half month go soon reach. Anyhue, tomorrow is a huge day, my friend and I are battling Ticketmaster to get Lady Gaga tickets, she is flying in from Atlanta and I couldn't get two seats together through the presale, I sha bought a single ticket as backup incase we don't succeed tomorrow(drat, she might read this). Lol, I sent a reminder to my boss to get his own tickets.Yez, Yez I can be an obsessive lirru creature. Wish me luck! Let's random:

UPDATE: Mission was successful, I got my tickets with some ridiculously good seats, now I pray for long life and good health for Gaga. Ok carry on.

Oh wait, Lucid and other chefs please feel free to list the types of seasoning you use to bake chicken. tenks in advance.

Twice I have been in a publication that involve two yoruba artists - Lagbaja and Shina Peters.

Work, School repeat cycle. Work, School repeat cycle....

I feel betrayed when I buy fruit and they end up being not sweet, all sour and ish.

Cotdamn, Kate Gosselin sucks on Dancing with the stars. She is a waste of a "star" on the dance floor. And I am sorry, maybe Jon was a douche but it's so hard to be on Kate's side. She seems so stoic and cold and bleh just not my type of person.

Nna, the thing a suit does to a man, makes a woman wanna do things to the man.

My name is Taynement and I stare at men's crotches.

The movie is Precious: Based on the novel push by sapphire but according to "30 Rock", it is the derivative for the porn name: Fresh Ass: Based on the Novel, Tush by Assfire. I tell ya, watch 30 rock.

Maybe the Indians have it right with the whole matchmaking thing. I see them taking walks with their wives, grocery shopping together etc and they make it work. They take the time to get to know and grow to love their spouses. I could be tripping but who is the last indian you know that cheated on their wife?lol

I really wanna switch to wordpress but I don't know how to and I don't have time to figure it out.

What is up with airlines? Charging for carryon ke? and man, regional jets are the worst things ever.

I get a twinge in my chest when I hear about people who are opportuned to work in the entertainment field. I just don't know how to go about it, sigh.

What is worse?: Walking into the restroom when someone just started blowing up the restroom with deadly poopoo stench in the air or walking in when they are done and someone comes after, smells the stench and thinks you did damage?

Dear unknown person, thank you for holding the door for me but can't you see I am 50 miles away. Why do you feel the need to make me sprint to the door as I was enjoying my leisurely pace? Don't feel bad if I decide to maintain that pace while you impatiently hold the door silently yelling at me to hurry up. You will wait for me, because dem no born you well if you decide to let go of the door at the last minute. Thanks, taynement.

Even though I am not a diehard fan and will not be attending, I think the Jill Scott and Maxwell tour will be a good concert.

Only peeps in Naija be abusing broadcast messages on bbm.

A HUGE happy birthday to my lovelies, Kate and RepressedOne. Love you guys.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all women who are having difficulty having kids. That they will be blessed with their desire either naturally or via adoption. AMEN.

This song popped up on my roadtrip and I hadn't heard it in a while. Kanye is a genius jare. Have a lovely weekend my darlings!



Nutty J. said…
Very Random....and funny as hell

Hey I stare at men's crotches too

*throws kit-kat your way*
Blogoratti said…
Another random classic..from TM.
Nice weekend!
CIN-CILY said…
teeheehee this reminded me of "Why did I get married too" all I remember from that movie is old boys crotch!

I like the prayer request section every week..."Lord hear our prayer"

WV: Trasofis? ummmm... *blank*
Ms.O said…
#Cosign on the BBM thing.
LOL at holding the door. I take my time too.
Random as always..loves it! Have a fab weekend..xx!
Reverence said…
Badia Cajun Sesoning.. my family and i have aptly named it food crack. it is awesome i tell ya.

lol at teh fruit.

Girl, i was so excited about maxwell and JS till i found out concert day= first day of summer school. i am still pondering the ethics of skipping first day of school.
Nee Fe Mi said…
u r a good weekend
Fabulo-la said…
Twice you've been in a publication?
Are you someborri important I should know?

hey! Sour fruit is the best jo!
Speaking of which, I had the best mango ever last night! Hmm hmmm hmm!

U know I am with you on the arranged marriage thing, those middle eastern pple must be doing sth right no?

There was an episode on Platnum Weddings with a Pakistani couple that was betrothed to each other, and they fell in love! Imagine!

Me too I want to be betrothed jo. Take all the guesswork out of dating.

Ok im blabbing now.
I will leave now...

or will I?

Myne said…
Friday Randoms, btw what kind of crazy video is that? LOL.

I bake chicken with just Knorr and the Lion mix of spices. I'm a bad chef right?

Have a nice weekend.
F said…
Hmmm... to avoid an epistle I will just say CO-SIGN!!! LOL... Especially about men in suits... Damn... Hmmm... Erasing sinful thoughts...

P.S. Na only SOME men o! Some dey wey even suit no fit save... Just saying...
ohjaay said…
the popoo thing.. sometimes I actually hang around to see who made the whole place stink for my mental 'name and shame' game. :)
Oh how I love your awesomely awesome "Friday Randoms!"

Have an awesome weekend sweetie!
Nice Anon said…
lol@ the randoms. I am sure that Gaga concert will be fun!
Good Naija Girl said…
Amen to your prayer. I know a couple of women who are praying for God to bless them with a wee one.

I always rush when I see someone holding the door for me. I can see why you'd not rush your pace sha.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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