Friday Randoms

Nna, I might as well buy my Naija ticket now oh! Ah, ah see as the year is flying by sha. Yes, my people it's another friday again. Before I start, I wanted to thank all that commented on my previous post on Relationships. Please eh, never apologize for long comments, I welcome them and I enjoy reading them. There are some topics like those where I look forward to other people's opinions so please feel free to drop comments whenever and however long you want it. Speaking of which, I appreciate it when people reply to my comments on their blogs, so I think I will start making an effort to respond to comments, note I said try. Ok let's random:

So Brad Pitt's bodyguard is claiming that Brad and Jennifer Aniston have been sneaking around and having some sexytime "at least 3 or 4 times". Infact, I think I am upset that I am mentioning this and it's my first random.

If I ever became an actress, I think I know exactly what time in my life I can refer back to, to cry on cue.

Vacation time in this country is a real bummer. Obama seems to be a president that is concerned about everything including trivial stuff, he should consider doing something about vacation time. It is especially harder for us naija people that save it all for Naija, that eliminates a lot of international places to go to mschew. How do these reality contestants do it?

Speaking of reality contestants, them chicks on survivor, they are always in bathing suits, how come their nether regions don't have hair? Abi waxer or nair dey for jungle?

Awon Mizchif and Purple Brain, I bow for una. I could NEVER be a doctor, this I know is true.

So Like Umm, is Stedman alive? Where is he?

So Tyler Perry's next project is adapting a book that I think has a really interesting title. I'm looking forward to seeing it, it's titled : For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enough.

So sad about the Polish president men. He went on a trip to honor service men I think and on his way back his plane crashed and killed 94 people including his wife.Ordinarily, I'd usually gloss over a news story like that but I was in Poland last summer so I felt a lil something. May all their souls rest in peace.

So based on Bravo and their cooking shows, what's the correlation between being a chef and being gay? A lot of the chefs on there are gay.

Geez, I really need to fill out my census form. Procrastination is a biatch. (Hope yall filed your taxes)

I do wonder why Brandy is not a star. I've always loved her music and I love the tone of her voice.

I always joke that we catholics are like a cult because most times when a guy is going to get married even if he is not like a strong practicing catholic, he prefers his wife to go through catechism and convert or learn about the Church. I know 4 of my friends who have gone through this process and another friend of mine just told me that she started classes, cuz her boyfriend had asked her to. I think it's pretty cool and I welcome all with open arms, it also makes me think that love is a powerful thing, cuz as for right now I don't know if I could do that, but ask me again when I'm in love.

I guess I don't have much this week. Need to be up early for a trip tomorrow so I should probably hit the sack.

PRAYER REQUEST: For everyone who feels lost and confused and not sure what direction to take in life, that the Lord grants them wisdom, peace and guidance. AMEN.

Today's song is by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. You might heard the Dap Kings play with Amy Winehouse before. SHaron Jones is definitely a woman who got robbed of more recognition because she doesn't have "the look". Either way, I love her voice and I love her sound so enjoy, This Land is Your Land.



Vivian said…
Love your random thoughts segement..look forward to it every week. I too was sad about the Polish President and the!! Ehmm.. I feel like its been a million years since I have seen u taynement...hmm!
Nutty J. said…
Yeah...always wondered about that catholic thing.

Amen to that Prayer!! AaaaaMeeen!!
Sad about the Polish President and the crash.

So Brad and Jenny have been secretly doing each other, who is the bitch now Jolie or Jenny? Have a lovely weekend
Reverence said…
i would not ordinarily condone cheating but somehow i want to say yaay at brad and jennifer

uhm i dont know about the catholic thing o. i absolutely love where i am spiritually that i dont think i can change it for anyone.
LucidLilith said…
Finally! someone brings up vacation time. It is so hard to go to naija for two weeks at a time. Just hard.

IMO those survivor women constantly looked too groomed to be in the jungle. Noticed their shaved legs. Producers think we are stupid.

Stedman is locked in Oprah's basement.

Brandy is the best alto in the business. But she is not the only one...with Lady Gaga and Keisha stealing good music, people like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are toast.

Catholicism is a cult. That's why I may be marrying one

Did I just say the M word?
neefemi said…
Brandy is the shiznit men...i think she is the kind of person who doesn't want to be mediocre and will only do it if she is in love wither material...

nways i'm excited and you know why...heheheheh
Myne Whitman said…
I saw the Brad and Jenny story on a mag front page in the shops and I was like NO WAY. I think that guy just wants attention.

Pity about the crash and condolences to the people mourning.

Have a nice weekend too.
Nice Anon said…
lol@ them having some sexy time. If it is true then good for both of them.

I've always wondered the same thing why doesn't she have good mainstream success? I wonder too.
Jaycee said…
LOL @ Abi waxer or nair dey for jungle? Ha ha ha.

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