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'Allo, 'Allo! (hehe, remember that show?). Hi guys, I really should be writing a paper, doing some homework or studying for finals, but am I? Nooo, I'm on blogsville. Anyways, if you've been reading me long enough, you will know that I be having some beefings with my weight, so I try to watch what I eat. But you know, living in this country me I already believe that nothing is "good" or "healthy" seeing as half our food is engineered not grown. I still secretly(I guess not anymore) think that organic food isn't really organic. My organic rice krispies shouldn't taste the same as the original..I'm just saying.

Sidebar: oooh! you have to see Food Inc if you haven't. It's a documentary on how food is "grown" in Yankee. Most people I know were grossed out by it but yours truly was craving a burger. I digress...

As I was saying, in my usual quest for "what not to eat" I stumbled across this yahoo article on unhealthy cereals (and the more healthy options) that further made me think that you just can't win, so I thought I'd share. A few of them surprised me, let me know if you were surprised. I summarized everything they said in the article and added my own jara.

This cereal might probably have the most sugar. It has more sugar than Lucky charms, Cocoa Krispies and Reese's Puff. The sugar in the raisins is a killer, like Lucid said in one of my posts,the fructose in this country is a heavy sumting. The raisins are pretty much fructose and glucose,laced with sucrose. Basically, you might as well have a candy coated dessert instead of a "healthy" cereal. The better option they say is Kellogg's All Bran with a tablespoon of raisins.

Admittedly, Chocolate cereal should not be part of a healthy diet but they spoke about it in terms of a snack when you are craving something sweet. It's ironic that the unhealthiest is the one that is targeted towards adults. A healthier option is Cookie Crisps.

Ok for real, how do we have a fighting chance if Multi freaking Bran cereal has more sugar than the Chocolate Chex! One bowl of this cereal has more sugar than a scoop of Edy’s Slow Churned Fudge Tracks Ice Cream. The healthier option is Post Shredded Wheat.

Basically you are eating sugar sprinkled with vitamins. Healthier option is Kashi Vive(I've never heard of this cereal before)

WORST HOT CEREAL:Quaker Oatmeal Express Brown Sugar
Eating this for breakfast is worse than eating a Little Debbie Marshmallow Pie for breakfast. 'Nuff said. healthier option is 1packet of Quaker Fiber Cinnamon Swirl.

WORST GRANOLA CEREAL : Quaker Natural Granola. Oats, Honey & Raisin
One cup of this is equivalent to a snickers bar. Healthier option is Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

Ok that's all the article said. This was just cereal, I shudder to think what other things have. Have a lovely rest of the week people!


Jaycee said…
Whattttt? Raisin Bran? And quaker natural granola? Men, I like those cereals.

Hello, my name is Jaycee & I'm a cereal addict. Gulp!
NakedSha said…
Oh wow! Speaking of organic food. One of my previous roommates came back one time with 'organic chocolate candy'. No jokes. We both had a good laugh!
neefemi said…
saw this last week as well, i'm always reading yahoo for what to eat and what not to eat...don't eat any of these cereals tho, so i'm good
CinCily said…
Yay... I only eat Kashi Go-lean and special K granola. I always read the cereal box and check the sugar, carbs, protein, fat and fibre.

I think with most of these things though portion size is more important. As long as your not stuffing your face. In the past, when i drink cereal, i get a bowl of milk and keep pouring and eating cereal till milk finishes so usually like 4bowls of cereal... lmao... now I measure 1 cup (proper measuring cup oh) and that's it.

The fight for fabulosity no easy but fitting ur nice clothes and feeling hot daily makes the sacrifice worth it :)
Ms.O said…
So the one cereal I eat makes the cut....great!!! Boo you Raisin Bran!!!
Omotee! said…
i said it, everything is gradually becoming poisnous. so i dont eat all those cereals anyway. i'm stuck on knusper crunches musli, so if by any chance they say its bad DO NOT let me know!!! pls!!!
its got lots of raisins and its coated with honey which i just love
Reverence said…
does it matter that i eat a different brand of raisin Bran? i guess not.

yea i check the sugar contents. the one with the least amount of sugar is cheerios not the honey nut o! the regular.

yankeenaijababe said…
Nice blog so far, I actually read this article on yahoo as well but wasn't too surprised knowing I check my cereal nutrition facts before consuming them..

I actually recommend cheerios for anyone knowing it has 1g of sugar and helps in lowering cholesterol. It's also whole grain oat cereal, perfect for kids and adults.

Sometimes I skip taking cereal and go for a bowl of oatmeal. Rich in fiber and very healthy.
Myne Whitman said…
OK, my Keloggs cornflakes and Quaker oats are not there. I was eyeing the Raisin bran sha, guess I should remove eye.
Anonymous said…
Ewo, I am currently on the Kellogs Raisin Bran - no wonder all my running is not showing any dividends :)
Original Mgbeke said…
Woohoo! My darling Honey Bunshes aint on the list.
I feel them on that oatmeal with maple kini. I now buy plain oatmeal and add my own sugar. I feel like all them pre-flavored kini be packing mad sugar in their stuff.
Femme Lounge said…
interesting! so what is healthy then? its seems every food has it own ill.

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