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Whew!Guys, Happy Friday, I wish Friday meant something to me but it doesn't anymore, working all through with finals, papers and homework floating through my head, while we are on it, what is sleep? Enough of my rambling before I start happy birthday in advance to Mr Words himself, Blogoratti. If my calculations are correct, his birthday should be this sunday. Happy Birthday, wishing you many more and here's to never having writer's block. Let's go:

So Sandra Bullock went and got herself a baby 4 months ago with cheater hubby. Who knew? More proof that celebs can do whatever they want on the downlow. She got a baby from New Orleans and one of the comments I read was, "Why do these celebs keep adopting black babies?" lol that made me laugh.

I really have a problem with impatience. I am so impatient that if I go to a store, sometimes I just peep through the racks where people hang the stuff they don't want. somehow in my head that's faster than going through the actual racks.

I truly know I am overwhelmed when for the first time in how many years the Dallas Film Festival came and went and I had no freaking idea.

It's the oddest feeling when you really want to vent/talk to someone but you don't want to sound like you are whining but you don't want to hold back and you don't want to hear cliches or hear how someone else relates or hear their own life example but you really want to empty your chest. I end up just keeping my trap shut and i'm still all over the place. Nyeh.

Earlier in the week I remembered someone who just cut off communication with me, no explanation no nothing. You really are guaranteed nothing with human beings.

Finally filled out my census form and my ethnicity options were : Black, African American or Negro. I was sure to fill out the blanks and say that Negro as an option was inappropriate.

If dogs are loyal and man's best friend, why do we call trifling men dogs? And why do men like being called daddy, but when you tell them you are pregnant they run to the hills screaming?

Sometimes the heart doesn't know what it wants till it finds what it wants - The Office.

I've never understood the logic of being mad at someone and not saying anything and acting all weird. Sometimes humans do stuff to upset people by accident not on purpose, how are they supposed to know if you don't say it. If you have beef, speak! If you don't want to, don't act strange then.

I realised another example of how I like being in control. I am freaked out by cruise control.

I think I attract unsingle men.

Omo eyin bloggers, some of una can write men. The way you put words to compurra, it's very nice.

My oyibo coworker has a dog named Mike Jones. So every now and then they play the song and when it's going "Mike Jones!, Mike JOnes!", the poor dog is going crazy trynna figure out where the man saying his name is. That cracked me up.

I tried watching Monique's brother's interview with Oprah about abusing Monique. I was surprised that I couldn't watch that interview, it really was hard. I guess you see things differently when someone close to you has been through something similar.

I don't quite remember who blogged about apologizing for something that had happened 10 years ago and I seemed to be the only one who thought letting bygones be bygones was an option. I saw many comments saying if it makes you feel better. But I think just because you feel better doesn't mean the other person shouldn't be considered especially in a case where it might have been forgotten, I dunno jo...

Heidi from the hills just makes me sad. I keep staring at her face and I am in shock, she is 23 and looks awful. I can't imagine what her mom feels like.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those that have been abused in some form or the other - mentally, sexually, verbally, physically - that they are able to heal from the hurt and for those that are abusing to see the error of their ways. Amen.

Because I am too damn exciting, last friday I spent the night going through American Idol videos and watching Idol reminds me of how your life can change in an instant, from a regular person to a well known celeb. Anyways, i have always liked Fantasia, she bring something to the stage, I watched her winning song again and there was no way she did not have this in the bag. Today's song is "I believe"...Have a lovely weekend guys and if you have a moment say a prayer for me, I need it. Thanks.



CIL said…

WV: "BOTIONAR"... botionarration is late!
CIL said…
I do need to learn to just shut up and listen when ppl want to vent. Different answers and similar scenarios keep popping up in my head. I only say stuff if I want a response or want to feel better so I guess I dont get it when people just want to talk. What am I 'posed to do with all that info if not respond to it? Marriage is teaching that sometimes it's better to just shut up sha so I guess I am getting there. lol

So many things to comment on sha but emmm... Happy Friday and "a prayer for me" :D
Fabulo-la said…
Lol! Somebody cut you off no explanations? lol Maybe they have their reasons just let it be.

Yah it was my blog u read abt apologizing after ten years. Ive decided there is no 'best' time, but I think I'll leave it for now.

Where did you watch Monique's brothers interview? I think I'm the oly person that hasn't seen it yet.
neefemi said…
i've learnt to keep my mouth shut until there's an appropriate time, cos i feel like there is always the right time to broach any subject and make sure you don't come off as whiny

anyhooo, great weekend ma
Ms.O said…
I Stopped watching Idol after that season....Fantasia brought me to tears with that song. I think Sandra bullock took a note from her character in blind side??

fab weekend..xx!
Jaycee said…
LOL @ "negro" being inappropriate...& men liking their women to call them daddy, but not when pregnant..ha ha ha. Oh my goodness. How did u think of that?

LOL @ Mike Jones the dog.
Nice Anon said…
Idol is only fun when people are making a fool of themselves.

Oh I saw that interview too. It made me cringe so much! Did you see the John Edwards one? His mistress i mean
MPB said…
How on earth do you get to watch Oprah? LOL at Mike Jones.
MPB said…
shooo i wish more people called me to just vent, people seem to want my opinion or advise and I am usually soooo clueless on what to say.

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