Can I Just Say.....

.....that I am mega, uber freaking proud of the state of the new wave of Nigerian music today? Gosh, I have been on a naija music high it's not even funny, been jamming it all over the place, infact yesterday as I was driving, this dude at the light was jamming to Paramoure all loud and stuff, me too I turned up the volume right as D'banj was hollaring, "Igweeeeeee!, Igweeeeee! lol.

Anyways, I have always liked Naija music, a lot of my birthday and pocket money was spent on cassette tapes by artists ranging from Blackie to Fellyx and Mozzyx to Mandators to Evi Edna Ogoli, don't test, I did not discriminate oh. I will not forget my slight(ahem) obsession with Shina Peters or that one KWAM1 album...oh yezzz, I loved them all. Fast forward how many years later and now we have a different crop of musicians with a different sound and this chic is loving it!

See at first, when this new breed started coming out, it seemed like naija music was unsure of itself and it was still looking to find itself, most of it sounded like they were trying to imitate American artists. But now, it has found its own sound, sure there are still some that miss the mark but for the most part we are jamming oh!There is something for everyone now that if pesin tell me now that they are not feeling naija music, they are on a long tin! So many artists out there to mention but the two hottest right now, I think are Dbanj and M.I.

Dbanj seems to be naija's reigning prince in the music world. The way I see it, he may not have the best vocals but the man's album - The Entertainer is the best way to describe him. I have had the opportunity to see him in concert and boy does he know how to work a crowd.

By now everyone should have heard of M.I, Naija's new hip hop prince, and if you haven't tsk tsk. When you hear M.I, you either like him a lot or you think he is over rated(if people around you have been hyping him up) but it's impossible to flat out say he sucks. From his voice, to his delivery, to his beats to his very well chosen guest artists, M.I's albums is pretty damn good and I am not really into hip hop like that.

Anywhoo, hats off, gold star and clap clap to all the naija artists who are doing big things and for those who are still trying to get into it, hang in there and keep the faith, there are people like me waiting to hear what you have for us.

I leave you with my Top 5 most played naija songs:

Eldee - Big Boi
Wande Coal - Bumper to Bumper
Dbanj - Put your hands up
Timaya - Yankuluya
Banky W - Nobody

Feel free to Youtube any songs you haven't heard. Have a lovely day!


Original Mgbeke said…
I haven't heard the last 3. Will youtube 'em. Naija music is going places o, true talk!
Jaycee said…
Running off to Naija sturvs...

Reverence said…
i have never heard any of the songs you listed. hmm and i thought i was in.

i do love that igwe song..
Diyani said…
Agree! The entertainer is the best album i have heard from Naij (2008)-- Igwe is my theme song.. lol. I need u to email me yankulu (sp) though, I heard it a while ago but i need it on my ipod asap--- u know my email- (lady D :)) Although its been over played, fall in love is still a favorite, have you listened to the instrumentals and composition of that song, its sick. So so proud of us.. peace/
Bibi said…
M.I is da bomb. i say this not because of the sound of his voice or the beat in his tracks. i say this becaus eof his lyrics. i actually laugh at what he says or shake my head positive. his lyrics make sense as any good artist's should. FIRST TIMER
pearl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taynement said…
Umm, Bibi you don't have to sell MI to meee oh..that man is just straight up concentrated TALENT! have you heard illegal music? he did a bunch of samples. Jesse Jags is not bad at all either.


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