Getting Older...with Cliches

"With age comes wisdom"

The other day, I was talking to my friend and asked her the biggest lesson she had learned in life and she replied with, "All that glitters ain't gold". This is one of the reasons I am incorporating cliches in this entry, because I have noticed as I get older and encounter obstacles it seems to be the best way people know how to console you or encourage you, and though I scoff at them, I have come to realise why they are cliches, because they really do hold some weight to them, so I wasn't surprised when she replied with a cliche, of course with an explanation to back it up.

Anyways, back to getting older I don't know about y'all but I swear as I get older, I get more confused and the older I get the more unanswered questions I encounter. As I often tell people, my twenties have been so confusing for me, it's not even right. Lately, I find myself yearning for the days when every decision didn't seem so weighted and with dire consequences.

-One minute I was gallivanting around to parties, with my bare belly, open back shirts, next minute I merely pick one up and I am told it's not appropriate for someone my age :(.

-Suddenly, I am not just working for a paycheck anymore, I am wondering where my career is going, where I will be in 5 years(cliche interview question), what business I can sink my hooks into?.

-I am not just dating for fun anymore, looking at a bobo and just wondering what his lips taste like, (oook i still do that, let's not get ahead of ourselves here) but in addition to that now I am also wondering if this is someone I can stand for a long duration in my life.

- I just don't go to church because my parents told me so and I memorised the simple prayer book. Now I have questions, some days I just don't go to church, my faith goes up and down like a rollercoaster at six flags

Yowzer! someone give me a simple serum before my head explodes. As for me, the biggest lesson I have learned in life is "Life is (sure as hell) not black and white"..there are just too many grey areas in life men, I can't even believe there was a time when I thought everything was black and white. Anyways as a friend of mine always says "Life is simple, it's we humans that complicate things", maybe that's the case on my end, but somehow I don't think so. Please do share your favorite and most annoying cliches and your "getting older" experiences, so I don't feel like I am alone. Have a lovely week ahead beautiful people.

PS - Oh I wanted to incorporate a song for each post, preferably something that relates, lemme know what y'all think. For this entry, I shall post John Mayer's - '83(as in 1983)



Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Life is a lovely shage of grey.
And my life lesson is
Life is so fucking short and then you die, and LOVE is really really the answer. XOXO. Please dont even let me start on faith, bobos and career. Even the continent I will reside in for the majority of my life is so freaking hard to choose. Please Life is complete crap men. I may just be unhappy today though.
Anonymous said…
I meant "shade". Life is a lovely shade of grey.
TayneMent said…
Its okay jare, it could also be a lovely shege of grey :D..I don't know if its unhappiness sha, even on days I am happy, I hear these questions haunting me and demanding an answer.
Original Mgbeke said…
I can't even think of any right now but I will say that getting older has defn. been an interesting experience and like you said, ish aint black/white no more.
I really wonder where I will be in 5 years, am I making the right decisions etc etc?
God dey men!
Enkay said…
The one thing I do not particularly like about growing up is the fact that I have to weigh most of my decisions ever so carefully.

I mean where are those days when I could just up and do whatever without ever thinking of the consequences?!
Anonymous said…
You really need to get a life o. I feel so sorry for you. This your obsession with me would surely kill you!!!!
Anonymous said…
everything changes/ change is the only constant. --- that I have been incorporating into my head so things are not so heavy anymore, at the end of the day... career, men, faith, love, all changes- we might identify them as good or bad changes, which is irrelevant-- change is constant and don't try to fit urself into a box anymore. peace. HeavyFeathers

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