Songs in my head

Hi peoples, it's been a minute sha. Have a lot of things going on in my head but as always I just turn to my music for some reprieve. Have a happy sunday and enjoy the songs.

Taylor Swift - Breathe

Usher - Appetite ( People really didn't give Usher's Here I Stand a chance sha)


Mary Mary - Seattle


Eldee - Big boi


Of course all things M.I( be sure to youtube him). There are many more, but these are the songs I remember. Have a happy sunday people.


Anonymous said…
Have a lovely sunday dear and a greak week. XOXO and whatever it is, it too will pass.
TayneMent said…
Thanks Termite, how come you didn't FUUURST!:(
Ada said…
I mean I came here hoping that the adele post will be up and ready to read..mtcheeewww. How long do I gatta wait?
MPB said…
Love big boi and breathe. I am officially just gonna admit that I don't care for MI. I have tried and tried to listen to the songs and I dont see how he stands out or what the hype's about (yes, i tried "teaser")
TayneMent said…
It's all good MPB, I have been aware of your dulling music sense as you get older :D
wordmerchant said…
Hey there

Just saw ur comment about you going to see adele and got the script as extra entertainment!!! I am so jealous..i wanted to get tickets to see them but they are sold out. Will keep trying.

Thanks for stopping by xx
Mocha said…
I LOVE MaryMary's album..I listen to it everytime I run..early morning like 5.30am.."Seattle" usually plays on my home stretch..

I really like your blog..:)
TayneMent said…
aww thanks a bunches, Mocha!

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