Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Wednesday

Hey Hey Folk. Long time no see. You see this girl right here was trying to keep it together with finals and everything else trying to stress me. So, I feel like I should address my last post, thanks for all the comments but it seems my post sounder sadder than I actually felt. I wasn't like sad or anything, it was more of frustrated with my mom saying the same thing everytime. Anyhue, for those who asked what change my friend was referring to, she felt like single folks felt like they can't talk to her anymore about relationship stuff because she wouldn't understand. Moving oooooon, I am going to be in Naija in a few days and I am uberexcited, I have been trying to get everything together that I am so scattered but for once I think I won't be over limit. Soooo, as a goodbye present I figured I would random for my good people, so you won't forget me lol. Legoooo!

(this might be long)

You should be kissed often and by someone who knows how - Margaret Mitchell

How sucky is it when you think you are just bloated and after PMS syndrome don pass, you realise say na the food wey you dey chop dey "bloat" you lol

I never feared getting older. But lately I am beginning to dread that moment when your body just doesn't cooperate with you and does what it wants.

Am I the only one who doesn't have rental insurance?

Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion. ~ Javan

So like, I think Bruno Mars is one talented dude but I wish he was fully developed. Fully developed?, you ask? Yes, That's what I said. In my eye, he looks like a fetus. anyone else see it? no? just me?

I don't care who or what anyone says human beings like attention and they will seek or find it anyway possible.

Assuming everything works right, everyone has a 98% chance of getting married and hopefully getting married for life. We are talking about 60 yrs of marriage on average. Besides, the having children angle, I have always wondered why parents move for early marriage in your twenties. Which lives you 20 something odd years to enjoy yourself and about 60+ years to navigate with someone else.

Christy Essien Igbokwe was asked the secret to a lasting marriage and she said: I will say to them that it is a woman that can keep her home because no man is perfect. But the secret is this, don’t love your man o, but like him very much so that you can tolerate and accommodate his naughtiness and for the children’s sake. Don’t love in order not to be disappointed. Love deals with the heart but liking with the head. Above all, God’s divine hand is essential." - Drop your thots on this in the comment box.

Why do people need rings to signify abstinence? Speaking of, I hear Joe Jonas' ring is on sabbatical lol

I don't think I ask for much. Ok let me say I try not to ask for much from people, but I feel like even the little things I ask for I always get shafted. Oh well, such is life.

I wonder about generational family businesses and their continuity. I feel like the ones in our generation are killing of the continuity. For example, that annoying millionaire matchmaker, babe is in her 40's and still has no kid, when exactly is she going to teach her daughter to carry on the matchmaking business?

Why do most black grooms wear white suits?

Special shoutout to my Swanboy for sending me Sound of Music DVD in the mail. Thanks again. Muah!

Why is M.I not discovered in Yankee yet? Actually I am torn on this, I feel like MI is our (naija) baby and I want to keep him for ourselves, but on the other hand he deserves to be discovered. I am not really trying to overhype him but I think he can hang. I wonder if his style of music would change tho, because his lines have naija references (I live with NEPA, I gotta be the light). In more Taynement is mad news, I see MI being discovered by Jayz. its possible jo, Wale should hook his fellow brother up.

Via Ms. O, I read the stupidest article last week -

I amazed at the timing of Aunty Flo. How does she always know the most inopportune time to show face?

A friend of mine was telling me how she cut her ex off, when he tried to be buddies and vent about his life and I got to thinking why guys do that? why do guys always try to be friends after they hurt you and not hi-bye friendship. Like the type of friendship where your first name might as well be "Dear Diary".

I was watching Married to Rock and I wondered if former brides ever feel pangs of envy when they go to weddings like man i wish i could have that moment again.

I came across this website where you can send emails to your future self and I took advantage of it and wrote one to myself 6 months into the future. Twas kinda spooky wondering where I will be in 6 months and if I would even be alive -

So dear folks, that's it! A mouthful abi? lol, well enjoy and feel free to drop feedback. I will try to drop some lines when I get to naija but just in case I am wishing you all a merry christmas to you and yours and thanking you for always being with me blogsville style.

I love this song. I have no clue what she is saying but it sounds sexy. There is an english version with Pitbull but I like this spanish version because the dude's voice is hot.

Shakira ft El Cata - Rabiosa


Anonymous said...

Mrs Essien might have a point although I disagree a bit. I am beginning to think it is better to be that way because men have lost their ever loving minds.

O and Yaaay for your Naija trip, I am jealousing you but I am happy.

That whole ex thing is some bs, I always tell them to invest in a shrink. They love to come back to their comfort zone because you have seen them in a vulnerable state. I don't tolerate that crap. Too much room for old feelings to come creeping back.

Have a safe trip

LucidLilith said...


PMS and bloating is really a b*tch! I have been so gassy lately that it has affected my social life. And yes sometimes the "weight" stays on.

LOL...girl you aint seen nothing yet on getting older. Fatty deposits in strange places, exercising for hours with no results. Boobs sagging, but a tad lower than a decade goes on and on...

Get renter's insurance. It's cheap.

LOL at Bruno Mars. He kinda seems juvie to me too.

Christy Essien is right.

Abeg those jonas brothers are fake...raging hormones and abstinence rings don't blend.

Millionaire matchmaker is just a weird woman. Does she even date? It's like someone who has lived on a dessert all their life teaching people how to swim. Shio.

Aunt Flo was created by God to torture Eve...havent you read your Bible? Expect no mercy!!!

Ex boyfriends try to remain friends because A) the feel genuinely guilty for dumping you and wish to absolve themselves of some sin B) they hope that if they dont find someone else you will still be available.

LucidLilith said...

Oh..and good luck in naija. Abeg bring lotsa photos.

And don't attend any weddings. You will only come back pissed off that everyone was asking you when will it be your turn.

Swanboy said...

you're welcome

Kate said...

i dont have rental insurance...i need too sha...not a good look.

Have fun in naija..remember our talk..i'll send u my address! MUAH LOVE YOU!

ShadeNonconformist said...

Thanks for the clarification per you friend. Good for you at not being over limit with your luggage.

The bloating ish is so annoying at times i swear. Ditto humans & attention. Chrity's comment is 1 of the silliest things I've read this year. purity rings = bleh. But can't the 40-year old woman pass the business on to her niece or nephew or even adopted child sef? Sorry for not getting you Sound of Music:( Per MI & being "discovered", i say in due time. Yup, that article is more than stupid. Foolish is more apt. The silly ish people justify. Ugh!! Moving on...Aunty Flo can definitely like to fall one's hand...Funny enough, per the ex comment, i don't mind that. I'm actually one of those people that remains "buddies" with my ex's. We talk about anything and vent about life and ish. I guess that's because they didn't "hurt me"..but a few of them actually did, but I healed, we moved on & are still really good friends. I thank God sha because it wasn't easy at times. Will definitely check out future me (interesting) & the song.

Have a fun safe time in naija Tayne. Merry x-mas.

RepOne said...

How sucky is it when you think you are just bloated and after PMS syndrome don pass, you realise say na the food wey you dey chop dey "bloat" you lol

Omgosh!! for real mehn...but i can swear i didnt notice the extra until bloating happened n it just didnt go away :(.
Hope you made it home okay.