Self Care While Adulting

We are thick in to the summer and I hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather. I am a summer baby and will always always prefer the heat to the cold so I am grateful for the warm weather to step out and not need a jacket or a coat.

Unfortunately, good weather doesn't always make your problems go away and we still have to adult. Adulting comes with so many commitments and priorities that we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses and take some time out to enjoy life or take care of ourselves. We take it for granted that our bodies will keep going and our friends and family will be there waiting for us when in reality, life changes in seconds. Whether from good to bad or bad to good.

I came across this on twitter and thought these were good guidelines to practice. Figured I'd share. It says to schedule this sometime every month:

1. Lunch date with a friend
2. 24 hours with no social media
3. 1 day outdoors
4. 1 night out with friends
5. 1 date night (even if it is with yourself. Though I think it is good to do with your partner. Everyone wants to feel desirable and I would imagine it breaks the monotony that can set in)
6. 1 breakfast meetup with friends (this might be difficult but I suppose brunch and weekends are an option and counts)
7. 1 movie night
8. 1 day serving others (you guys know how I feel about volunteering. That should count for this! If not maybe something simple as paying for the person behind you in a drive through window. Be creative!)
9. 1 day completely to yourself - cut out the noise and rediscover who you are and fake it for a day

The easiest part of this is reading this. Most humans have a problem with implementing things that could better their life. I hope you challenge yourself and give this a shot. Who knows it may be helpful. Happy hump day and enjoy the rest of your week!


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