2017 Year in Recap

I really hate doing these but I think they are good as someone who is not good at maintaining memories, it's good to have these things down so you can look back and see how far you have come or how you are still in the same place.

Overall, I think I had a pretty decent year. I started out 2017 with all the hope and expectations in the world. I even followed through and made a vision board. I am not sure if I will ever do one again. Here's the thing, I am one of those people that aren't really stuck on goals and outlining stuff because my life has shown me that it doesn't follow an outline and always turns me on my head because there are things I did not account for and that changed everything else.

Sooo that's a long way of saying that nothing on my vision board was really achieved which doesn't necessarily translate to a bad year. I had two things that I'd consider major dings that happened to me this year but you know what? I've gotten quite used to my dings so we move and i'll get past it.

Some highlights:

I had a decent year health wise. I still made plenty visits to the doc and my house still looks like a mini pharmacy but any year without surgery is a success for me. So I am grateful for that.

I really did a lot of traveling this year which was unexpected considering I said I was going to give traveling a rest this year to focus on some debt (See what i said about goals/plans?) Besides my domestic travels (I still haven't visited a new state in years waah!), I got to visit 5 new countries and finally got to visit Asia. I had a great time and was glad I got to go

The two biggest things I learned this year was valuing myself more and learning to let things go. The latter is still a work in progress but honestly, stressing myself out was not really helping me in any way and I realized that things always work out eventually. Whatever you are going through that feels like the biggest situation in the present will pass and sort itself out but just taking a breath and accepting as things come is just the better option.

I got to mend two friendships that seemed sort of rocky in the past and I am better for it. I don't have much family here in the States and my friends are really my family so it always feels nice when things are good on that end.

The world is awful but there are decent human beings around. I get to see them in my friends and in people I haven't even met in person. My group of friends are such personal cheerleaders and they always lift me up in the many moments that I am down. I never feel like I am alone and that's a nice feeling.

Not so major, but I finally got a book blog running with my friend and I. I enjoy reading books so I am glad we finally got our lazy asses and started posting considering we got the domain some time ago. If you'd like to check us out, we are at www.twonightstands.com

Those are the main points that I can think of really. Overall, I am thankful for the year. I know there were many times where I doubted myself and I still struggle with finding hope and being positive. It can be a difficult thing when you feel like your life is crumbling and everyone around you is flourishing but these are the times when I have to stop and take the moment to be thankful for the seemingly little things that could easily be taken for granted.

I wish everyone a happy holidays and an even better year. Here's to all good things happening in our lives in the new year (if 45 doesn't fuck us over). Thank you for still reading my lil ol' blog and once again MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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