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Hi Guys. Long time no blog. Thanks to everyone who reached out and checked up on me. I had my surgery last Tuesday and it went well. I am home now on bed rest, healing well so far and OD'ing on pain pills. My mom has practically been an angel since I can't really do much of anything - although I can take a shower myself now and get off the bed without help woot! woot! - I am truly, truly grateful that she could make it back here.

Ok, back to my topic. I just listened to an interview with Guiliana Rancic on her breast cancer. For those of you that may not know, Guiliana has also been public about how difficult it has been for her to conceive after trying IVF twice before, miscarrying on the first try and it not taking on the second try. Her third attempt, her doctor forced her to get a mammogram even though she is just 36 and that's how it was discovered. I just kept thinking that she doesn't deserve this on top of that, so why her?

I think I really took notice of this because I know how many times the word cancer kept being thrown out to me during the time I was doing many tests. In fact, not until 2 days before my surgery was cancer ruled out completely and nothing quite rocks your world like hearing that word. Guiliana as a precaution took the breast cancer gene test a few years ago and didn't test positive for it. Her family also has no history of cancer. I remember when the doctor would try to reassure me and be like for someone your age there's only a 3% chance of cancer but I wasn't reassured because I really feel stuff we eat in this country is messing with our bodies and all these stats are changing.

They tell you not to get a mammogram till 40 but more and more people my age and younger are getting breast cancer or ovarian cancer prognoses. I am probably biased but as if it is not enough that we deal with periods every month (some painful). I feel we have all these other things that we have to deal with that men don't necessarily have to. Everything has a fighting chance if caught early, so I beg you ladies to always listen to your body and see a doctor when you feel something is off. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but we should be aware always of everything going on in our body. She's probably never going to see this but I wish Guiliana all the best with surgery and radiation, I hope she pulls through and gets that baby that she wants Amen.

I'll stop now before I get preachy :D. Have a great week ahead and P.S If you aren't watching Homeland, you should.



LadyNgo said…
glad to hear your surgery went well and that you are recovering :)

sad thing about women's health is that it just keeps getting worse with age, especially after menopause (or full hysterectomy if you have the misfortune of having to endure that). Thats why its important to try and be as healthy as you can as early as you can. And the rest, leave up to God.
mizchif said…
Yay for angelic mums.
shorty said…
Glad to hear your surgery went well. Wish you a speedy recovery :)
LohiO said…
Thank God the surgery went well! Now we pray for full recovery! So sad for Juliana esp after everything else she has gone through. sigh.
LucidLilith said…
Thank God you are healing well. Thank God for mothers too. Please rest, rest, rest, and eat well. Your health is your greatest asset.

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