We have a dotcom!

Those were the words uttered by my friend when I told her I had a pseudo site up and running now. Yes dear friends, just wanted to share with you that www.taynement.com is up and running now and I would appreciate it if you took a stroll and looked around. I've had this domain for a long time now but I have actually been scared to have it up and running. A dear friend of mine helped me with setting it up and getting my logo. I am grateful for her patience because I said "no" many times. It's still up and running and not a lot of content yet but I hope to sort the kinks out and get better with it.

I am fully open to suggestions, comments and questions. I know I have quite a bit of work to do. I still don't have my breaking news segment running (which will be via a twitter feed) but I just wanted to take that leap before I chicken out. So once again, dear readers who have have been with me for God knows how long, hope you like it, share with your friends and thank you in advance!

PS I won't be abandoning this blog so don't even think about it! hehe
PSS If anyone would like to contribute I am open to that as well. Hit me up via email - taynement@gmail.com or via twitter - @taynement




LohiO said…
YAY! No more wasting your pop culture knowledge on just us on twitter. haha! Love it! Congrats on the big step!
Myne said…
Great idea, just checked it out, and it's the best of this blog :)

Well done!
Onakachi said…
Yay! You'll do great!
R. One said…
Whaaa, You betta go'head!!!!! Congratulations!!

We dot com now...whoop!whoop!
R. One said…
...oh maybe you can add [and i totally don't know if this is easy to do or cost anything] a facebook tag/link/whatever so we can share the site on FB.
mizchif said…
Yay! Hurray for saying Yes. YES is good. I should learn to say YES myself.

*strolls over to the dot com*
Unknown said…
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