Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks. Hope everyone had a good holiday and is ready to go back to the real world in the new year. If you are reading this then that means you made it into the year and that's something to be thankful for. I just got back from Nigeria yesterday. Man, no matter how many times I do it, that flight is such a long flight sha. I was so glad to be home.

People are usually so up in arms about people making New Year resolutions and such and I don't know why. There is a reason we have markers such as birthdays and anniversaries, if people choose to reset or be better in the New Year, I don't see what the problem is. I am still on the fence about New Year resolutions because if nothing else I have learned that life is what happens while making plans and you say you wanna do this and that and you get swept into something completely different but at the same time it doesn't hurt to have goals.

I don't want to say 2015 was a terrible year but it was more like it's low's were very low but I did do a lot of traveling (and finally made status on my airline. woohoo!!) and got to spend more time with my brother than I ever have which was good. Someone asked me on New Year's day how I felt about the New Year and I said "resigned". That's exactly how I feel. Every new year, I tend to feel hopeful and eventually get so crushed when the disappointments roll in so coming into this new year I had a good share of trepidation because who knows what comes with this new year? 

That being said one of the goals I have for myself this year is to build back hope in my life. As I currently stand, I don't think I possess much hope in me which I guess isn't a good thing. So, I will attempt to work on it and hope (hehe) it works its way somehow, back into my life.

I am also going to learn not to sweat the small stuff. Accept that people will always be people and it is not the end of the world. As we get faced with hurdles, we keep pushing on.

Happy New Year all. Stay blessed.


Berry Dakara said…
Happy New Year Pearl. I pray you find hope as you want. And here's to a better 2016 for you :)

Berry Dakara Blog
Sugabelly said…
Happy new year!!

Our goals are similar. I've had a really rough time, and my sense of hope has been at an all time low.

I hope we both get our wishes this year!
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