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Hi guys. it's been a long time. My hubris led me to my last post thinking you guys were missing me and I would be flooded with suggestions and inspirations. The big fat crickets in my comment box brought me back down to earth. Hehe. How now. How have you guys been. I've been okay, just living life day to day. I am super stoked that summer has finally arrived. Like we are hitting 90's now and I am so happy to see the sun. I am also grateful for the upcoming memorial day holiday. Ain't doing shit but bumming is fun too. I think I am burnt out from work. Anyways, here are some randoms...

I've never really understood the obsession with life on earth after death. I have a friend who is so obsessed with leaving a legacy which isn't wrong at all but my mindset has always been do the best you can while here and be good and kind to those around you and when you're dead issalloverjackie.

It irks me when people hide their ages. I think it reeks a little bit of insecurity. Met a girl recently at a conference and we were talking about a topic that was age dependent but she went all out of her way to hide it and made it such a big deal, it was just annoying. I've never been one to be coy about my age but maybe I am missing something. What could possibly be a good reason to hide your age

Is it weird or normal to wish a non mother happy mother's day

It's quite a shame that girls can't just do what they want sexually without worrying about their reputations while men are just slanging it out there with not a care in the world about being labeled hoes.

I want to be the kind of girl that makes her bed everyday :(

If you follow me on twitter, then by now you should know that I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls from beginning. I have made it to Season 4 (it's 7 seasons) and I just wanted to say that I hate Lorelai so much and Rory is just a yoruba demon disguised as an innocent girl

Is entertaining something that comes with being married/being a couple or is it something that's just innate in people. I noticed a lot more of my married friends tell me more about having friends or other couples over for dinner but I don't think I notice that with my single friends.

Speaking of entertaining. I am definitely not an entertainer or host. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety. i have to be like uuuuubber comfortable with you to cook for you. I am no slouch in the kitchen but I often wonder what I would serve if I was hosting people. I still can't think of a menu.

It takes nothing for a driver to get me so revved up. Happened to me this morning and I was so embarrassed for myself. But some people drive so stupid, I don't even understand why it gets me so riled up. It's not worth it.

"Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"

Someone posted an article on marriage not being an accomplishment. While it is not something that I think will be admitted out loud, I think in some little way, people consider it to be one. Especially in our naija culture. And I don't necessarily consider it a negative.  I have had a friend tell me she doesn't know how she would handle it if she was single and my age. So isn't being a certain age and being married an accomplishment (my question mark button doesnt work). Also, when people date, isn't the end goal usually marriage and when that is achieved that's an accomplishment, no

It's not news to me that the way men and women see attractiveness is quite different. K Michelle is an example. Her disproportionate self is just .... to me but I know a couple of guys who don't see it as anything. But then again, I always tell my guy friends that they won't use ass to kill them.

It's really not fair that men can procreate till the day they die and women have a shelf life

Which makes me ask...if you tink am really well, all belief suspended and with logical mind, if you read the bible, doesn't it seem like Christianity doesn't like women. Are there any self identified feminists that have a hard time reconciling that with being Christian

That's all I got for you guys. I hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend. Eat, drink and be merry and stay safe!


yujubee said…
I heard those crickets too. Lmao. Please just be randomize and be going, we are okay.
I drive like that too.I easily get frustrated with other drivers and cuss under my breath at daughter will be like , whta did you say mummy?me:nothing .
Don't understand that age thing either, especially women.
Could be both.I love entertaining, I will cook as long as there are people to eat. My parents entertained a lot, you can say that I'm used to cooking for a large number of people.been married , seeing as we cannot just do dinner/drinks at the bar, kids and all that it's easier to hang out at each other's
That k.Michelle body is just nasty, I'm sorry. I remember the last ward show she performed and I was saying to hubby ,like how does that even look nice. He agreed it was "unpalatable"(maybe he take fear
Marriage is accomplishment, as with every other thing you plan and look forward to.

I think it's fair o, that there's a stop for women. Because really after a certain period a woman's body cannot deal with the drama of pregnancy and periods, ovulation, all of that.. looking forward to not having to deal with birth control. And seeing as the woman parts have more wahala, (disease prone) than men.

It's your blog na me and you get am now. The way I just de blab, de go. Can you tell I missed you? Lol
Diyani said…
Welcome back... Sorta

I HATE entertaining, married, single, coupled. I'd rather chill alone and watch a movie... maybe with 1 other person or two- Who will go to the fridge and sort themselves out.

Not sure about the Mothers day thing, someone sent that to me a few years ago. I thought it was odd and she explained it as a well wish for the future. I think I may have sent it to some ppl with the same or similar intent. But everyone has their own interpretation of stuff so, who knows most ppl probably think it's weird.

Drivers? I dunno, I realize I rarely notice people on the roads these days which is scary cause I may just be in a daze

Marriage is NOT an accomplishment IMO- Accomplishments - goals that I worked for and made happen (Achieved/completed successfully) - Marriage 1- is not complete until we die, abi? could divorce and it's technically not something one individual achieved unless you were so focused on the goal that you were working hard instead of enjoying the process. my 2 cents, it's not an accomplishment.. It's a life stage, a choice, an option but not an accomplishment.

Too stressful being able to procreate forever, I imagine it's a wonderful experience to have sex freely without the worries of pregnancy especially when we have to do all the heavy lifting.

Missed your randoms!
neuyogi said…
-it is weird to wish a non mother happy mothers day. I hear the well wishers for the future thingy, but what if the person does not even want kids. It is such a presumption.
-why do you want to make your bed daily? Hubs gave up on me, he makes the bed
-I love house parties/get togethers and hope to do more of that. I have thrown 2 or 3 so far in the last 5 years. Remember Abby of abby's meatpies, she loved cooking and did a lot while single when we lived in ohio. I will always be nervous about the menu and thank God for costco, pizza, chinese and indian :)
-Man one day (many days) as I was driving to work is when I listen to my morning devotion and pray. SO here I am doing that and a driver does something and I go from Jesus to cussing and of course immediately begging for forgiveness and trying to get my mind right. IT is sooo hard.
-my coworker (the one i always talk about) is hardcore baptist and she was trying to defend the midset of why it makes sense for women not to be pastors according to the Bible and her church doctrine, and being my sinful self, I just cannot reconcile how educated women in this day and age think that makes sense.

-Re crickets...I think more people would leave comments if you respond to comments. I know you gave a reason in the past for why you don't, but it makes readers like me want to comment more, cos it's more personable lol
-do young girls and women in the United States still become nuns or join convents? I have been watching call the midwife and it made me wonder. I have never met any.
abozella said…
I love the Gilmore girls comment lmao!

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