Sunday, September 11, 2016


I don't know how many of this I have done but here we are again - another birthday.

I am grateful for seeing another year and this year was interesting. I am a huge birthday person but I think this birthday has solidified for me that it won't exactly be the same for me anymore.

I try to do something for my birthday every year and this year was no different. I was especially looking forward to it because two months ago my body betrayed me and I had to recuperate from that ordeal. I looked forward to my birthday and the trip I had planned with some of my dearest friends. I was looking at it as a thanksgiving and celebration and just grateful to be able to see another year. But on the day, I noticed I just wasn't as gingered as I usually am. I just couldn't stop thinking about my mom and how it's still so weird, we are going through moments in life without her here. I did my best to be upbeat but I acknowledged it. Last year, I figured because it was the first without her, it was normal but I guess this will be the new normal.

That being said, as it was an internal emotion, I had a great birthday filled with a lot of fun and awesome people. Thank God for another year and a hope that he grants many more filled with better days and blessings. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I appreciate yall and thank you for still hanging on to this blog!!!

Have a great week ahead!!


JD Rambler said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Taynement... Sadly the new normal does taking getting used to but I suspect - if my experience was anything to go by - that its more about soldiering on than anything else

yujubee said...

Happy birthday Taynement. Many more years to you. I used to be huge birthday person myself, but as I got older, maybe adulting , maybe marriage. I really don't care about my birthday anymore, like people would even call me and I wouldn't pick up. Only family. Not to say yours is same as mine, but that things change. But I'm hoping I can get back to being old birthday girl me. Atleast you have friends to celebrate with. Maybe that's where my problem lies. * shrugs. Hugs girl. Thankful for your health too.

Toinlicious said...

Happy birthday Tayn

'Lara A said...

Happy belated birthday, may your dreams come true

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