Double Take

Having a conversation with someone and he was telling me how he sometimes watches a movie first before going to see it with a date or person who constantly asks questions during a movie. I am like huh? Who has the patience for this? He said yup that he knows a couple of other guys who do the same and gave an example of his closest friend who would watch a movie with him first before going to see it with his wife.

I was like if I was a dude, don't think I could I think I would just let them know they asked too many questions and it sucks out all the fun. He said well men would suck it up but would women do the same? and then he painted a scenario of if he told her:

Day 1: Baby, you talk too much when we are in the cinema

Day 2:  Guy: Babe, let's go to the cinema 

            Answer: No, why?...cuz you said I talk too much. I don't want to go anywhere with you again.
            You're mean and made me feel bad. 

            In fact, I don't want to go out to dinner with you again before you tell me that I've put on                     weight. 

            You're always criticizing me and I don't know why I put up with you.

            Guy: I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I don't think you talk too much and you have been the                          same ever since we met.That's why I'm with you. Perfect in ever way.

Clearly, that's an exaggerated convo above but his point was there's no way saying you talk too much would go over well but in their mind it's better to just double watch. Mba o. I don't think I agree. What do you think?



Emem-Obong said…
lol. I agree with the guy. This is the way most of us women look at things. hehehehehehe
yujubee said…
Lol.pretty close. My husband would probably say thesame. Yeah, I would remind you what you said and I'll add what's the point.
Swanboy said…
I agree

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