Way Too Much


There's like way too much going on in the world. What in the fuck is happening??!!

My friend says it has always been this way but we are just way over exposed now. Which is probably true. My only social media involvement is Twitter and it has been so overwhelming that I can't imagine how I would have managed the news cycle on all the platforms.

The most current headline is the whole sexual harassment scandal with Harvey Weinstein and all the dregs its bringing up. Dredging up all the ugliness that is being harassed by men in power and the silence women have to go through. Right on its heels is the whole kneeling saga and the NFL really thinking they have the right to tell players what they can or can't do. Let's not forget our Commander In Chief and the endless sound bytes he provides us.

What propelled me to write today is the whole NFL shit show. Because it's just another indicator of things that have always been. As if as black people we haven't been oppressed enough. First of all, the kneeling started as a protest to black men being slaughtered (you damn straight i said slaughtered) by men who are supposed to protect us and people/government acting like it's just another day in the office when it would be nice to be seen as people.

Somehow, somewhere along the way the narrative has changed to the flag and anthem being disrespected and vets not being honored or some bullshit. Like huh?? And then now the NFL issued some statement that all players have to stand.

Here's what really gets my goat. I can't help but see it as yet another form of oppression. I could be wrong but I think I heard the same instructions given for NBA players. Assume that's true, why is it the leagues that have a generous number of black players where this is issued? Why does a team owner think it's okay to tell a grown ass man what he can't or can't do?

What we consider entertainment is a job for these men. Most of these men got into this to escape the hood and a system designed to fail them before they even start. This is now their livelihood. These owners know this. Now you put them in a bind on what to do as they are dependent on a salary. I mean, how many of us would leave our 9-5's to stand up for a principle when we have bills to pay? How much more can we take? It just frustrates me to no end.

Americans truly have a knack for missing the mark because somehow the Weinstein saga has turned to night watch on who is commenting and who is not and who is standing up for who and isn't instead of focusing on the person who committed the crime and vilifying him. Ugh.

A white guy...oh sorry "kid" as the media refers to him, just shot a police officer dead and was apprehended. Alive. But let it be a black man who is unarmed and all of a sudden trained police officers fear for their lives. Oh and the officer who tackled and cuffed a nurse fighting for her patient's rights just got fired. Don't think any of the beast who shot black men dead have been fired so quickly, if at all.

I don't know. I am probably rambling but my heart is sick at all that is going on. It's even sicker because I don't have the hope that some have that this is pulling back the veils that some have on what the country is really like and will propel change because while I agree that the veil is being pulled back, I also think the people in charge are giving confidence to the ugly hearted people who now feel even more comfortable spreading their heinous crimes.

BTW fuck everyone who voted for Trump or said Hillary was just as bad. You must be out your damn mind.


Seth Anorson said…
It is black people who voted for Trump that I am most disgusted by. Even in these circumstances they can't see the folly thinking that it won't apply to them. May be now it won't but it can happen to their son or relative and thats when reality will sink in. By then it is too late.
yujubee said…
I don't know, understand how the point gets missed.It's frustrating....
The way I see it, only in death or in christ can all man be equal. There is no equality. So make we just de live the life the best we can.
After all God created all and chose isreal, i try to imagine what it was like been an/a biblical Israelite. Thinking you are special, but you ain't even got nothing, and every other people hate you.

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