Friday Randoms

Whoosh! It's been a while hasn't it? I have received a few texts asking where randoms are. My bad guys. It's been so busy and I have been traveling. This weekend is the first weekend I can put my feet up and relax. Maybe I can finally start Stranger Things 2. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!! Wow guys, another year almost down in the books. I am tired of getting older *waaaah!*

I am looking forward to the holidays though, just down time from work and resting. I always get senioritis once Q4 hits. Smart me started Christmas shopping early so it's not so overwhelming. Just waiting for my bank account to cooperate so I can be done faster. Oh yea, winter is here. Broke out my coats. Anyways, enough yacking. Let's random.

I noticed recently that whenever I got into a debate with friends, I got hit with "It's not that simple. You are over simplifying things". All men.

Time has passed but I honestly still feel like my mom passed yesterday. I sometimes physically feel it. It also hits me at the oddest times. I most recently bawled my eyes out in the parking lot of a mall. Anyways, I am still looking for ways to manage my grief or maybe answer questions is a better way so I read books that allude to helping. So far I haven't found any. The last one was a huge disappointment. But I just got another recommendation that I will try. If you guys have any recommendations please feel free to let me know.

We all have our good and bad traits. When people choose to focus on your bad traits, it hurts. That hurt feeling sometimes serves as a reminder when I start veering towards making the sum of a person based on a bad trait exhibited.

Not a fan of this snap back culture. I am that annoying person that makes a comment to the E! twitter account when they tweet about a mom with a 6 pack just 2 weeks after birth! It's hard enough when you have to worry about it in every day life talk less of being a new mom with hormones and stress.

What do you think it means when everyone our age is always tired? people stay complaining about not getting enough sleep and dragging through work. The scariest part is when these people don't have kids. What are we going to do when we do!

Fake pastors who stay preaching the word is such a trip. Like every day you preach about going to hell for not following the rules meanwhile you know you are scamming. Meaning you don't believe what you are saying? For you to not have fear, I have concluded fake pastors actually don't even believe in God.

I find it kinda weird that Obama was/is close to perfect. Do you?

A friend of mine thinks that our generation is not equipped to pick life partners because most of us are not honest with ourselves about ourselves and actually lack self awareness. He says he thinks the people he sees with strong marriages are emotionally healthy. Had to stop him right there. Not sure if that exists, as I have randomed before we are all fucked up :)

A friend of mine gave me a tip that I follow. To save yourself from declutter, whenever you get any new item of clothing, get rid of something in place of that new item. So now I keep a trash bag by my closet so whenever something new comes in I throw immediately into the bag and when it's full it goes straight to donation. There's a tip for you! But on the real, it's come in handy and definitely one i find valuable.

Well that's all I got for you folks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and Stay blessed.


Swanboy said…
Well thank black baby Jesus! About gaddem time
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