Friday Randoms

Wow. Somehow it's been two months. My sincere apologies. But once again, life is kicking my ass and so much going on. I really did have material but just getting the chance to sit and transfer on here was a hassle. How is everyone doing with the advent of Q2 2018? Time is already flying. I thought spring would never come but we are finally getting warm weather here. I left my house today without a coat so yay to that.

This whole Tristan Thompson/Khloe Kardashian saga. Whew. All I can say is what a shame. What is the appeal in dating an athlete when they have shown over and over again they can't be trusted? Also, if you know you want to cheat, you are like taller than the average person, you are not discreet. Unless he wanted to be caught? Just a mess I tell ya. Let's not even touch our president. Seeing as I just found out he had a love child from the 80's?? like whet? From FBI raiding, to people testifying, being fired or quitting. I can't even. Let's mini-random.

I am always in awe when I see men demonstrate their love for their women with grand and thoughtful gestures for their partners. Actually it doesn't have to be grand, just thoughtful. Something that shows they are in tune with their partners needs because as we know some grand gestures are usually actions by abusive men to cover up their uselessness. Anyways, like ah ahn do these people have two heads to be getting this kain appreciation? We go love o! (this random was inspired by Alexis's billboards for Serena Williams when she went back to playing tennis after her maternity leave)

I was reading a review for a book and someone made a comment saying "I didn't understand how painful could be until I read this" and it just hit me that some people are fortunate enough to not know the crazy impact cancer can have on a family and not just with the person who has it.

The 3rd year anniversary of my mom's death recently passed and I sit here and just wonder how the years flew by. I still miss her something fierce and honestly it is still so surreal. Her number is still in my phone. I doubt I'll ever erase it. May her soul rest in peace.

I listened to Gabrielle Union's book and it was such a great read/listen. In the book, she kept referring to her step sons as "our boys" and I felt like I would feel some type of way if my ex/baby daddy had his current woman refer to my child as "our boys". Kelly Clarkson also refers to her step kids as "our kids". Someone pointed out that if she called them "step" that would be odd too. I can agree that it is an ego thing. If I went through the whole carriage and labor, I'd definitely feel some type way.

You know we live in a terrible world when 8-10 year old are attempting and committing suicides. That is awful.

Nobody lies to themselves like we humans do. The simplest of things too.

I read somewhere that most people would rather be unhappy in a familiar situation than take the risk at an unfamiliar situation that may lead to happiness. This played a part in a recent decision I made.

Guys, I can't explain to you how offended I am that Toni Braxton and Birdman are a couple. Barf.

Read a story about someone who has had 17 miscarriages. seven-teen! I don't even understand the algorithm of life.

I watched Cardi B co-host the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other day and I was just amazed. I am still in awe every time I see her achieve a win. I can't believe how far she has come and I never would have called it. Just goes to show how life is forever a mystery. You can put in all the work and not achieve anything to show for it and on the flip you could just have an opportunity drop in your lap with minimal effort. Nothing is really in our hands. The illusion of control is real.

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Have a wonderful weekend and stay blessed! Enjoy the music for the Friday, I love these girls voices.


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