If you are reading this can you even believe what is going on right now?

Because I can't.

Every day I wake up and consume news I shouldn't be consuming in such copious amounts and fuel my anxiety. It honestly doesn't feel real to me. It is so surreal to know that we are actually living out something that will be in the history books and it is not a movie or a book.

And to think people aren't taking this seriously.

The way this has been handled by the govt. has been an absolute joke.

We had a headstart. We did nothing. Even now with all the measures being taken and telling us to socially distance ourselves, it all seems so laughable to me because everyday planes are taking off and landing in different countries and the virus continues to spread.

The Mr and I were talking the other day and we were saying how no matter how cautious you are, it just seems impossible to prevent any virus particles 100%. We just have so much interaction with everything. From mail to packages, to keys, to surfaces, to door knobs and surfaces and the air.

Now this would not be an issue if we were all completely locked in at home but its all partial. We are for the most part, going out for works, popping in quickly into the store to get this or that so it's not completely hands free. And have you tried not touching your face?!

I know I need to limit my COVID news consumption but I haven't mastered that yet and I keep spiraling and questioning every feeling and checking if my throat is sore. God save us.

On a random note, something I thought of was I see a lot of Christians who have actual faith say they feel protected by the Lord but then there is also the faction that says to not completely rely on that and recognize this is real. It made me wonder isn't this the exact scenario where faith should be practiced? But in reality, not everyone with faith will be protected or survive this so what does this all mean?

Oh well, on the flip, don't be like me and try to find the positives and take care of your mental health. It's fun being quasi quarantined with someoone's company you genuinely like. Parents who have to juggle working remotely and home schooling and entertaining the kids, my heart goes out to you and hope you hang in there.

I hope all this blows over soon but one guarantee is that things are not going to be the same. More than ever I truly believe this recession that has been spoken off a lot is probably going to be sooner than later. But the thing is...nothing remains the same and this too shall pass. And by the grace of God we will all be fine.

Stay safe people.


neuyogi said…
Very somber but true post. I heard about a woman who got infected twice and infected about a 1000 peeps because she kept going to church. So the faith thing....

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