Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, it's Friday the 13th as if you didn't know. I thought this day would never come but it's here, all the sufferhead of Business school and I graduate today. Funny enough, I was excited about this like months ago, even had a grand ole party planned, was getting quotes from dj's even. Not sure what happened but as it got closer I lost my excitement. My friends have enough excitement for me though lol. Mgbeks accused me of never trying to feel special, so I am trying to muster up some excitement. I mean the way I see it, every other person gets an MBA, kini big deal? Don't get me wrong, I am proud of seeing it through, just not as excited. All yarns aside, I am grateful to God for seeing me through it and more importantly that I am done. Let us random!

Remember when I said I don't like when people use the word "making love" for sex. I don't like the word hubby for husband.

Friendships evolve. The evolution sucks. Sometimes

My friend asked me if I could date someone who confessed to beating a woman in the past. I said no. Would you?

I don't get the concept of putting open and marriage together. Is it still a marriage if you have those rules? Why not just be single and do everything you wanna do? I see it as a mockery of the marriage institution. Or is this me being closed minded?

These people on reality shows crying because "I have never been away from my family/mom/dad for this long. This long meaning like 2 weeks. Hisss.

I often wonder what the thought process is for a guy when he is about to gbensh a girl for the first time. Not first time having sex, just with a new girl.

I am not good at sharing my space.

I think young people are more concerned about getting pregnant than getting an STD.

I hate that helpless feeling when I can't help a friend.

I am aware that some people don't feel guilt. I do wonder what some women who have had abortions feel on Mother's Day.

Dimples are cute. They help/raise cuteness factor.

I need this phase to be over, so I can move on.

I have a phone number in my phone book. This phone number belongs to someone I know who committed suicide a few months ago. I can't bring myself to delete it. A mutual friend had dinner with him a week before it happened, she said he was so happy, she couldn't tell anything was wrong. It's very easy to repress stuff. It's just easier to fake the funk and go through the motions of life than to keep whining. I think a lot of people are becoming pros at this.

I have been relegated to service men guys. I got hit on by the UPS, Fedex and maintenance man. The maintenance man even has a spanish variation of my name that he calls me. I find this hilarious because I remember telling my friend that the only chance I have of getting married is God sending a man to my doorstep via UPS or Fedex. *raises eyebrows at God "You ain't funny* lol

The new Dubai for Nigerians is the Bahamas.

You know that quote " Our deepest fears is not that we are inadequate...". That definitely always gets an eyeroll and a yawn from me, everytime I see it.

In todays #shitmyfriendssay. "I have come up with a new word and definition", my friend says. I ask what, he says "Enter-Taynement" means to kpansh taynement (me). I am not saying anything further.

I think that's all I got today folks. I feel my blog might be nearing its end soon but we'll see. Have a lovely, lovely weekend and stay blessed!

I absolutely love this song. Not quite sure why the video had to have Tranny Cyrus.

Rock Mafia - The Big Bang


Tega said...

Nearing its' end ke...No o...Please don't

Lol @ you raising eyes at God...The words of our mouth o....

As per celebrating getting your MBA...granted people pass...but people fail too... Celebrate!

Sad to hear about your friend...Humans do tend to cover up a lot...God keep us and ours always ...x

Madame Sting said...


MPB said...

Why on earth would your blog be nearing its end???
Congrats again. I was just thinking today after smiling and chuckling at one of my work mates that they wouldn't know I have a lot of stress in my life, and remembered the quote "every lizard nods it head but you don't know which one's belly aches". Something along those lines...

Jaycee said...

Girl...I'm very happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation.

About today's list, let's just say I'm pretty sure you will not like my vocabulary at this point if you know me. I say things like "Make love," "hubby," and "awww." And that quote right there that you hate, yes, it's my favorite quote. Lol.

I also don't understand "open" and "marriage," in the same line.

I also hate that helpless feeling when I can't help a friend. Or what about giving gifts? That too...I hate not being able to give random gifts at pleasure.

Why is your blog nearing its end again? Some good things have to come to an end though...:)

kitkat said...

What do u mean by "nearing its end!"..i enjoy your friday randoms naw :(
omg, the story of the friend that commited suicide really got to me. Its funny how we can plant a smile on our face when we're dying on the inside :/
and hahaha, i also dnt concur with that quote about "our deepest fear".

shorty said...

Congratulations on your grads hun :)

The story of your friend is so sad. Ehn your blog is nearing its end ke?? Everyone is leaving blogger and there are less blogs to read now abeg don't join them we enjoy ur randoms :D

R.One said...

"The evolution sucks..." It sure does.

I don't think I can remember the last time i used 'husband'....'hubby' is where its at :0

Hope you mustered up enough excitement.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I just figured out who you are (don't ask). I am a Friday Random fan, don't take it away from my world. Delivery guys make dough o, some own their own kini. Although, they are known to be the service men for housewives.

Anonymous said...

O and give yourself time with your late friend. I know deleting the number might seem like you are deleting them from your life. Just take your time. I try to speak something positive into my friends lives no matter how little help I can offer to them. You never know what someone is going through and what a kind word can do for their psyche.

LucidLilith said...

Em ... Taynement .. haven't you heard.. there is just something about men in uniforms that get women all hot and bothered.

For graduation, my classmates and I swore a pact for a "camera-free" night. With good reason. We partied from 6 pm to 2 am. And most of the shit that happened between 11 and 1 was illegal.

tunrayo said...

Congratulations dearie!!!!

Tatababe said...

Congrats on your gradution, lady! All the very best!