Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just cuz this has been floating in my head. I am usually too tired to flesh it out but I figured I'd just try tonight and try to put on paper. Most of you might have heard about a blog called Black Girls Are Easy. It's basically a blog by a dude who talks about the whole boy/girl relationship topic in the realest way possible. And when I say realest way that includes crass language. I've read a lot of his posts but not all and while I enjoy reading his blog, I had classified it as a blog that'll appeal more to those who were more interested in casual relationships. But the other day he had a post up called Grown Ass Man or Lil Ass Boy and it was just full of real talk. Take time to read it if you get a chance.

Anyways, the post is basically about how being in love is the grown thing to do and there is nothing wrong with admitting it as a man. Describing being made fun of for doing something nice for his girlfriend, he said:

Capri shorts are gay. Waking up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding is gay. Me doing an act of love for my chick is not gay

Ain't that the truth.

I think society has conditioned us to believe that men shouldn't/don't show their emotions and sometimes when they do, they either get clowned or even we as women flap our gums saying "oh he is so sensitive, I need a manly man". I digress though. Before I read the complete blog, my friend had sent the above to me and not sure if there is a correlation but I immediately asked what he would pick if he had to choose why some guys shy away from commitment: not meeting the right person or not willing to bend in some of their ideologies. Surprisingly, my friend chose the not willing to bend option. I am a huge proponent for timing/right person but I also feel that some guys our age hold on to some ideologies so tightly that it could hinder a good thing. My friend went further to say that many guys have met the right girl but are still hesitant to take the plunge. I am not a guy so I am not even going to try to explain.

*5 hours later

I swear I had a point but I've been so distracted I have no clue what it was or is plus it shouldn't take this long to write a post. I think it was something to do with not understanding the whole boy/girl dynamic/after a certain age why would a guy be clowning his friend on being in love or being whipped/how do you meet someone that's supposedly right for you and walk?,something in that general direction sha. I don't want to delete this, soooo just click on the link above and read the post. Have a wonderful weekend guys!


kitkat said...

i would check out the black girls are easy blog :) ..thnks 4 sharing!
i also dnt get why guys make fun of their male friends that are "in love". And it pisses me off when a guy becomes a jerk at the expense of his girl jst to appear more macho to his friends.

Swanboy said...

Mr "Black girls are easy" seems to have serious cognitive dissonance. On April 29th, he posts the seemingly deep "Grown ass man or lil ass boy" where he says:

"Niggas are scared to death so they attack those in relationships and sabotage their own... To an immature dude being in a relationship is like getting sentenced to jail. All the fun stops. You can’t hang with your boys; you can’t get at other girls, your life as you know it is over. That’s a lazy mentality. Niggas who run from love are the same niggas who smoke weed after they nail their job interview"

On May 3, 2011, he then posts this erudite literary work "Do you have corpse bride coochie" and says among other things, this:

"Here's some homework, the next time you have sex I want you to test yourself. I don’t care if you’re smashing your fiance, jump off, 2nd cousin, or best friend’s boyfriend, the next time you get it in, I want you to be nasty, aggressive, and creative. Do everything in your power to make him cum with the fury of an AK-47. That pussy should be so good that after he busts, he’s content with lying in a pool of nasty wetness with the condom still on for an hour. This nigga should not even want to wash your scent off his fingers!"

Swanboy said...

Oh an while I draw the line at Capri shorts, I proudly watched the Royal Wedding at 3am, so he can go fly a kite for all I care.

Taynement said...

SB, you slay me lol.

Anyways like I said earlier. This article seems to be a one off. Other than that he seems to write more for the notyetready/justwannahit crowd.

Myne Whitman said...

I think I go with your friend on the not willing to bend, and that goes for both men and women. Relax, live a little, give love a chance.