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I should add that I don't believe all men are assholes or are all basically the same. #carryon

The original Spartacus from the show - Spartacus, Andy Whitfield passed away today at the age of 39 from cancer. May his soul rest in peace.


R.One said…
kitkat said…
oh yea jst heard about the spartacus sad :(
LadyNgo said…
and there it is!
LohiO said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
LohiO said…
hmmm can only partly cosign..don't agree with some parts.
Anonymous said…
Per Andy's death, that is so so sad..

I swear, cancer is such a is so fleeting..

May his soul RIP and the lord God comfort his family..


LucidLilith said…
I can't believe Spartacus is dead!!!

Also, guys can be confusing sometimes ... but girl drama is worse jo.

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