My To-Do List

Fairy God Mother Lucid decided that since this is my last year being in my twenties, she would give me a to-do list to accomplish before I hit the big 3-0. I dunno if the title was supposed to be "Ways to ruin my life (and credit) haha but I loved it and it made me smile, so thanks Mama Lucid.


1) Call in sick to work and take yourself shopping, watch a matinee and eat copious amounts of your favorite ice cream in an outdoor cafe.

2) Max out your credit card for no reason. Buy your self an entire wardrobe if you want but max out one card because next year, you will have to start being “responsible.”

3) Get drunk at a bar/night club and dance on a table.

4) Get kicked out or a bar.

[side bar] you don’t have to do number 4 and number 5 on the same night. Pace yourself girl.[/sidebar]

5) Drive really really fast.

6) Get in a fist fight.

7) Have a one night stand.

8) Do NOT date your one night stand.

9) Show up to work still drunk from the night before. Tell everyone you caught a bug. No one will know the difference.

10) Stalk your crush and steal an item of clothing that belongs to him, preferably a shirt. Sniff it when you dream of him as your baby daddy.

11) Cry like a baby when that guy that you had dinner with did not call. And you really really liked him.

12) When you feel like things are going really bad and you feel overwhelmed, allow yourself to have a meltdown.

13) Don’t feel embarrassed about your meltdown. You just saved yourself some serious dough on shrink bills in the future.

14) Let that guy that has been harassing you take you out to dinner. Then order the most expensive items on the menu.

15) Have sex in a public bathroom and the back of a car, but not on an airplane bathroom. This is post 9/11.

16) Date two guys that are friends. The order in which you date them is up to you.

17) Discontinue useless friendships.

18) Wear something that is so NOT you and will raise eyebrows and a possible write-up at work.

19) Have a drink before noon.

20) Spend a night in jail for a misdemeanor that has to do with any of the above.

You can make it more fun for yourself and figure out which ones I have already done. Naturally, I am not gonna tell you which ones they are :p

Have a lovely week my people!

I like this song a lot



Myne Whitman said…
It made me smile too. Belated birthday wishes to you, hope you had fun.
Etoile Oye said…
lol. Interesting list. If you manage to do everything on there, your memoirs are guaranteed bestsellers.
Tega said…
Lawd of mercy!!!...I'm rolling and laughing

I've done some sha....have fun in the last year of the twenties....Bets wishes...x
mizchif said…
Yea, you would like a song like "Damaged"

This list sha.
There's def a few items i could check off, but i'll just try and preserve my saintly image.
1st part of #15 is on my to-do list for Dec sha.
kitkat said…
i'm so prim and porper, I cnt even do anny!,lol
Fabulo-la said…
loool! I have a feeling Lucid has checked off some of the things on this list herself. Lool

Pls sha make sure you blog aaalll abourrit ;)
Nutty J. said…
My Gawd!!! Dont you go trying any of these on your own...

Happy Belated Birthday
LucidLilith said…
Shit. I forgot to add one very important skill to learn just for learning sake:

21) Learn to roll a joint. Smoke and inhale. At least once.

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