Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Randoms

Howdy folks. How are ya? Hope life's been treating you well. Another month is about to end. It's no joke o, time waits for no man, just zipping through. I am tired of the Spring tease. It's almost May, there should be absolutely no reason why it is cold in Texas. I mean one minute it's hot, next minute it's cold again. I still need a light sweater or jacket. Ridiculous. Anyhueeee let's random...

I know I have listed a million and one things that irk me. Well, I have a million more, so get used to it. In today's irk news, it irks me when people say something and then add *shrug* at the end. I always wonder what the purpose is, especially when noone is fighting the person and it was just a comment made or said "IMHO" or "In my opinion" is another one. I have no logical reason, it just irks me. If you are saying it, then it's obvious it's your opinion and it's up to me to decipher if  you are humble or not :D

What if you have a friend who is doing something you don't agree with or support. What's the line between being honest with the friend and being there for them? Is it also considered being judgmental or standing by what you believe in? Cuz the people we call judgmental it's because they are standing by what they consider their own truth abi?

Have I asked for a life manual before? yes? ok well i am asking for one again.

I went for a professional mixer once and in a conversation, this man mentioned how he'd been at the same job for 12 years. The other guy said, well that must mean you must love your job. The other guy replied with, I don't know about that or maybe this is the only thing I can do and we all laughed. We laughed but it got me thinking, there really might be some truth to what he said. I may not be the most ambitious, conquer the world person but I always wish to do better and progress in my career (and life in general) basically being stagnant is not the motto. For every job rejection I get, my fear resurfaces and I think of that convo and wonder God I hope this isn't the only thing (job) I can be in.

Is it natural inclination for humans to not listen? I mean no matter how much you want to protect someone, sometimes you have to let them learn through their "mistakes". Is it even worth talking? People ultimately do what they want to do anyways.

I see all these pictures with people and their cool poses. Legs crossed, mouth slightly open, looking to the floor. I can't pull those off. I look awkward and silly.

You think you know human beings, but you really don't.

I think Lagos changes people and usually not for the better.

Is your happiness a stand alone or is it based off of being better than others?

Pretty sad news about the guy falsely accused of being the Boston Marathon bomber. His body was found in the river. I can't even imagine what his family is going through. People need to be careful with social media.

Tweets by a friend of mine - I find women make the mistake of forcing a guy make a decision about a relationship with them too early or too late …some will essentially make you decide if you want a relationship on day 1 … some will wait a year to ask "what is this?"

As many as my friend who are having babies that are boys, a lot of their babies seem to look more like their dads than their moms. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Well, that's all I got for you guys. This is my first full weekend in a while where I get to be home and I am looking forward to bumming hard. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Have a good time and as always be safe.


Berry Dakara said...

Too true (and I'm speaking from experience on both counts)

Tweets by a friend of mine - I find women make the mistake of forcing a guy make a decision about a relationship with them too early or too late …some will essentially make you decide if you want a relationship on day 1 … some will wait a year to ask "what is this?"

LohiO said...

If my baby looks like my husband (when I get there) I would be so sad. Especially my daughter. I know 5 other jobs you can do :D:D:D:D Keep applying boo!

Kash said...

It irks me when people say "to be honest" or "can I just be honest"...umm before would I want you to lie?

I know this one guy at my job that has been working there for 14 years, hates it but is at a point where he doesn't feel like looking for anything else. It's a tad bit sad.

Yea those cool poses, I've tried to master it but I look like a fool. Doesn't work for me unfortunately.

It was so sad about the guy that committed suicide. I don't think people fully understand the impact that social media has on others mentally. I can't even imagine what was going through his mind to eventually drive him over the edge.

Nice song.

Nikkisho said...

I want answers to the questions you asked in the third paragraph about friends.. I have been asking myself that A LOT of times lately.

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO, I just used "IMO" in my previous comment. Funny, funny.