Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friday Randoms

In the midst of the chaotic world that we seem to be living in, I stick out my hand and wave hello to you guys. Seriously guys, what the hell is going on in the world? I feel like my head is spinning. Every corner you turn to something is going to. Either a plane has crashed, a notable figure has died, wars being fought, a black man being shot, diseases spreading. sheeesh. Na only this world waka come? What can one do but just hope and pray for God's protection and strength for those feeling these situations way worse than we do. On my end, it's been a fun summer and I am a little bummed that it is about to end. I am about to face my first real winter since I have been in America. Fun. NOT! But yea, I have been doing things, especially my favorite - traveling. I had a two week break and realized that the next 4 weekends I will not be in my house. My mother keeps asking me when I will stop being adventurous (to her, traveling is adventurous o) and settle down? (code for marry). She's right sha, the birthday is coming soon. Babes don dey old o! Let's random.

While a human being has a say in how someone else treats them, it takes a certain type of evil person to intentionally toy with someone else's emotions.

Thinking about the after life. Just being heaven or hell doesnt seem to be sufficient. Actually I will abandon this thought and do a post on it some time.

You see that flawless remix people were screeching about? Wackity wack wack. Yes I said it.

I like this post by Leggy - I think a lot of times people try to regulate your feelings based on how they would react but sometimes it's okay to just go through the process and feel all the feelings. Blessed are the friends who are patient and let you be.

It truly amazes me that Masters of Sex gets polarizing reactions, I just feel everyone should love it. It really is so good. I don't understand people not liking it...just like my boo, The Weeknd.

So someone on my timeline tweeted a story of how his friend who was staying with him, in town to be a best man for a wedding came home saying the wedding was cancelled. Why? The pastor told the groom that it wasn't right and he called it off. Now the person said he didn't understand how pastors have a strong say or hold on a person and I have to agree. Now don't get me wrong, I don't knock it if that's what a person chooses to do but it's just not my thing. Especially these naija ones that always have a hint of doom in their "seeings". My mom used to have a habit of sic-ing pastors on me and they always see or have instructions even when stuff they say never came to fruition. I had enough and I had to put my foot down. I told her that she could pray for me but please, no more pastor to tell me what to do. We all have access to God biko.

I don't believe that being positive brings good things to your life. I believe that it is so much more easier to be positive when your life is for the most part easy peezy and things always work out for you. I do believe that being positive does help with rough times but it doesn't guarantee good things.

Watched a documentary on Showtime The Real L Word: Being Gay in Mississippi. On more than one occasion, the religious people for their argument compared being gay to being a child molester. They kept saying, do you think they can help being attracted to kids? For a second, I actually paused and was like hmmm before I slapped myself and remembered that one doesn't hurt anyone, while the other one is hella hella hurtful and not consensual. What was i thinking??

My cousin was telling me how she doesn't enjoy being pregnant. I found it cool that she was being honest and honestly it's okay if she doesn't enjoy it. Sometimes, I feel society tries to tell you what you must feel (see above). I know some friends who are like "oh its so awesome" and "it's what you make of it" which is great, maybe it was their experience but really how do you make what you feel about pregnancy. Either you have a manageable, rough or great pregnancy, abi?

Who was the first person to do certain things like skydiving, riding a rollercoaster....dem no fear?

Why does Canada get our tv shows, news and channels? We don't get theirs. Copy Copy country.

A few quotes for you:

"You never really move on till you meet someone better"

"Your body is an amazing apartment you live in for free. Your self-doubt is the rich aunt who also lives there. Humor her but mostly ignore"

"Stay away from people who make you feel like you're hard to love"

That's all folks. Have a wonderful weekend and as always be safe!

This song makes me smile. Just a fun, carefree song.


Kash said...

I liked that post by Leggy.

My mom is like that with the pastors...whatever they say is right and must be from God. Gosh, the things she has made me do all because a pastor said it will help me ehn...smh. Doesn't help that one of my auntie (her sis) is a pastor.

Original Mgbeke said...

I expect to dislike being pregnant. First of all, you can't drink for 9 months. Need I go on?

I don't dislike Master of Sex. I just find it kinda boring.

Nigerians place too much reliance on Pastors. It's such a shame.

Anonymous said...

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