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Hi folks..Happy Friday to all of you'se. Hope you had a good week? I had a good week. Busy, busy and topped with an act of kindness I can't believe. Men, work was so busy, I feel like we had 10 days crammed into this week. That being said, I still love my job and it really isn't stressful. I am learning a lot and enjoying what I learn. It's so funny because you pray for something so long you don't even realize when it gets answered because it took so long. I pray for the tiniest and the largest things. Before I moved into this apartment, I prayed so hard for God to help me find a place that I could afford but fit what I wanted. I was so frustrated one day cuz I couldn't find anything, I headed straight to the liquor store and drowned my sorrows. The day I found the apartment, it took me like less than 30 minutes to decide. Same goes for my new job. I got tired of searching and applying but when I got this position it happened so quickly I didn't even know what hit me or in Nigerian terms "I never experred it". Long and short, our ways are not God's ways and we (I) really should trust him more. He always comes through...when it's the right time. Shut up, Taynement and random.

So you know how I always wonder what celebrities have herpes? I also wonder which ones have had abortions.

I am usually surprised when people comment on the number of sex scenes or how steamy of shows on premium channel networks (HBO, Showtime et al). I pretty much expect them. They get leeway and free reign to say and show whatever compared to network and cable tv channels. No one tops Spartacus sha. Sheesh.

I really need to stop thinking most questions I am asked are stupid questions.

I used to think having a stable job or just being financially okay - being able to pay your bills and some would be a quality most guys would appreciate or find important. A friend of mine was saying how the people she's seeing being wifed up don't seem to have these and are pretty much financially dependent on their boos. So I asked. I mean I don't see as a deciding factor but thought it'll be important. Was surprised to see some men say nope. It'll be nice but not a deal breaker. One friend was completely blown as to why I would think it was important to a man (whaaaa?). I will say the more I asked, the more I found men who said yes it'll be important ( It is not coincidence that the men who said it wasn't important were igbo hehe). Anyhow, this is why I keep failing. I am forming self sufficient when I should be doing damsel in distress and living a paid for life.

My sidebar above. Whatever, to people who side eye me when I say I don't want an Igbo man. Na una sabi. Igbo men in this life have shown me pepper. But the gods who are above have a sense of humor, watch me end up with one *shudders*

Would you date a man who has been separated for 2 years, not living together and all but just not officially divorced?

You meet a nice guy/girl, you're willing to gbensh. you find out he/she is married/has a girlfriend/boyfriend, but he/she assures you it's an open relationship (and it's verified). Would you still go for it?

Sometimes when I tweet I wonder if I would be okay if these were my last tweets. When people die on twitter, I go to their time lines to see what their last tweets were and what state of mind they were in. So, I put myself in those shoes and wonder what people would think.

Most times, I really just want to be in my corner and keep shut. You can't please everyone. Human relations is exhausting.

Well, that's all I have. Y'all have a great weekend. Stay blessed and be safe. And take some time to visit 

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Kash said…
I'm finding out more so as I've been in Naij that a lot of guys aren't with that whole "Miss Independent" thing. They like to take care of their chicks. After church one Sunday I went to lunch with a friend (a strictly platonic friend), it was one of those places where you pick your food and pay then go sit down, I got out money to pay for mine and the guy almost went mad. He was like what the heck am I doing and why am I trying to embarass him. When we went to sit down he asked if I was joking when I tried to pay and why I would think to pay when I'm with him, a man. I was like my bad. After lunch, I needed to buy some stuff at Shoprite for the house and sure enough, he paid for it all and he didn't even buy anything.

Why is he not divorced yet? I might date him, but only if I know the paperwork is being worked on.

No to the open relationship gbenshing. What's the point?

I agree human relations can be very exhausting.

TheRustGeek said…
I usually plan to pay when I do meals with platonic friends, especially when the meeting was at my instance. A couple of my friends insist - I let them pay/ split the costs from time to time.

On women being financially stable etc, personally feel it's a plus, not important enough to ditch someone for though, but indicative of a certain level of maturity/ seriousness.

Last tweets - a bit morbid but guess that helps put our daily activities in perspective.
mizchif said…
Gbensh sha.
Do people really have open relationships in real life? Hmmmmmm.......I'm of the school of thought that your relationship is your business, so....

Human relations, very, very, very tiring.

The seperated for 2yrs guy, why hasn't the divorce come through? are they still habouring hopes for a reunion?

I sometimes wonder what opinion i give off on social media, dunno that my tweets are what i want to be remembered by but then again they are actually quite representative of certain aspects of my life, so..............
But hearing some one is dead and then seeing their tweet from 21hrs ago is just...goosebumps.
Original Mgbeke said…
Igbo men are annoying.

I wouldn't date the separated guy (why hasn't he gotten a divorce yet?) or smash the person in an open relationship.

Re: Damsel in distress, I think men like to feel relevant and needed. Nothing do them, I can help them spend their money in the bid to stay relevant na.

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